Women’s Officials Development Programme Spotlight: Dee Cowey

March 16, 2024 | by Chris Boyd


Dee Cowey, of Market Drayton Boxing Club, is hoping the Women’s Officials Development Programme will give her the tools to provide the best possible teachings and experiences going forward.

How did you first get involved with boxing and become an official?

I got involved with boxing quite late on as I found the sport through attending a boxing fitness session.

After a few months, I realised I’d discovered a passion that was much more than just a fitness thing. I was hungry to learn the skills needed to compete, but after a short time, I decided I wanted to join a reputable boxing club and be more involved. I spent a year gaining knowledge to coach the young team and with support from our head coach I obtained my England Boxing Level One coaching badge.

After a few years, I wanted to improve more as a coach and understand how bouts are scored to help my boxers tactically. There was a great opportunity to attend a judge and timekeeping course and I jumped at the chance. That course helped me find a new passion in the officiating side of boxing, but it has also helped me to improve as a coach.

What do you hope to get from the WODP that can improve you as an official?

I hope to understand more about the officiating side of boxing. That includes how all of the roles and tournaments work and I’d like to keep learning information on rules and regulations. There are so many officials with vast knowledge and the generosity to share their experiences. I’d like to tap into that.

What do you enjoy the most in your officiating role(s)?

As a judge and timekeeper, I enjoy being able to support EB-registered amateur boxers from all over the country. I take pride in officiating at events and ensuring the boxers can compete and receive a fair score for their competition bouts that they’ve put so much time and dedication into.

I get a lot out of seeing how much support and emotion is involved from them and their supporters.

Who are your biggest boxing inspiration?

My boxing inspiration is my club coaching team because of the love they have for our team and the sport. I also come across new inspirers every week within the sport and I like to capture what they have and try to use some of that magic where I can.

What is your aspiration in boxing?

My aspiration within boxing is to give all I can to the people around me, whether that is the boxers, parents, upcoming coaches, other officials or my club coaching team.

I’d like to help officials and coaches work together to understand different perspectives and make the best possible experiences and opportunities for the boxers.