Women’s Officials Development Programme spotlight: Chantelle Scott-Trumpet

March 18, 2023 | by Chris Boyd


Chantelle Scott-Trumpet, a referee out of Jimmy Egan’s Boxing Academy in the North West Counties, hopes the Women’s Officials Development Programme will give her the tools she needs to officiate at a European Championships.


How did you first get involved with boxing and become an official?

Thankfully, Mr John Heart encouraged me to become an official after I’d completed an induction course.

What do you hope to get out of the WODP that can improve you as an official?

I hope the course will develop my confidence and competence as both a judge and referee, with the aspiration of upgrading my training in the near future.

What do you enjoy the most in your officiating role(s)?

I enjoy both corners and knowing that I will do my job to the best of my ability. Also, keeping the boxers safe allows me to sleep well at night.

Who are your biggest boxing inspirations?

I have two. Donna Shaw was the first female referee I ever saw and I knew I wanted a bow tie as soon as I saw her. My second inspiration is Chris Anderson, who has mentored and supported me throughout my development.

What is your aspiration in boxing?

I would love to referee at the European Championships. Refereeing for my country and region would be magnificent.