Women’s Officials Development Programme Spotlight: Cynthia Lomaquiz

March 2, 2024 | by Chris Boyd


Oxford ABC’s Cynthia Lomaquiz hopes the Women’s Officials Development Programme will help to develop her knowledge of amateur boxing, so she can go on to share it with other individuals.

How did you first get involved with boxing and become an official?

The main reason that I got involved with boxing was because I was struggling with negative comments that were beginning to affect my confidence and my motivation.

I also consider myself a good observer and it’s very consistent with my philosophy.

What do you hope to get from the WODP that can improve you as an official?

I hope to feel more confident in my knowledge and develop it in every area of amateur boxing.

What do you enjoy the most in your officiating role(s)?

I enjoy the ability to be there and help the community and put into practice what I have learned throughout my time in boxing.

Who are your biggest boxing inspiration?

I have two big boxing inspirations. One is the Argentinian boxer ‘El Chino’ Marcos Maidana and the other is Canelo Alvarez.

What is your aspiration in boxing?

As both a coach and an official, I would like to demonstrate to people how capable we are of learning something new and show the capacity we have to break patterns of belief.