Perfect 10 for England boxers in Demen warm-up

March 19, 2022 | by Matt Halfpenny


England’s Youth boxers clinched a perfect 10 out of 10 victories at the Demen Round-Robin Tournament in preparation for next month’s European Youth Championships 2022.

Having won 12 out of the 15 bouts contested on the first day, the Three Lions boxers followed it up in some style on day two as they went without defeat.

Winning boxer were Madi Gittins (St Paul’s), Nelson Birchall (Sharpstyle), Damar Thomas (Powerday Hooks), Lauren Mackie (Burton Park), Emily Whitworth (The People’s Gym) and Enriko Itauma (Westree).

Also victorious were Paige Howarth (M31 Boxing), Jayne Bardauskas (Almond’s), Frankie Wood (West Ham) and Lewis Lawton (Impact).

The final session takes placed tomorrow (Sunday 20th March).