Club Case Study: “Knives down, gloves up” the message from Acocks Green

November 30, 2022 | by Chris Boyd


Acocks Green, based in Tyseley just outside of Birmingham, is working hard to reduce the rates of violent crimes and provide emergency bleed kits to local communities.

Birmingham, like many parts of the UK, is becoming all too familiar with knife-related headlines and crimes. The frequency of these sometimes-fatal incidents has thrown Acocks Green into action, who recognise the need to reduce figures and provide potentially life-saving equipment to the local community.

The boxing gym has been working closely with The Daniel Baird Foundation, which was set up following the fatal stabbing of the  Birmingham local the charity is named after. Through this partnership, the two have managed to supply emergency bleed control kits to the city and it’s surroundings, however neither believe they’re close to being finished.

The aim going forward is to not only distribute more kits, but to provide educational sessions to communities so that members of the public know how to use an emergency bleed control kit and potentially save a life. This, they believe, could run alongside a first aid course.

Acocks Green are also focused on providing preventitive measures.

The club has been working with local authorities to encourage more young people to choose boxing over becoming part of the violent crime rates in the city. Craig Storer, coach at Acocks Green, ensures that this work will not be slowing down.

“We at Acocks Green Boxing Gym believe young people need to be given the options to do more with their lives, instead of becoming apart of gangs and violent crime rates. Knives down, gloves up!”

While the club has achieved a lot since becoming involved, they have no intention of slowing down. Acocks has insisted they’ll move forward with three aims: to continue it’s work with The Daniel Baird Foundation, run more emergency bleed control courses, and encourage more young people to take up boxing and help them to lead a healthy and active lifestyle.

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