Chance to win a pair of signed Roy Jones Jr gloves by joining in with AIBA’s International Boxing Day 2021

August 12, 2021 | by Matt Halfpenny


England Boxing is among a host of national federations from around the world joining together to celebrate AIBA’s International Boxing Day on Friday 27th August – and member clubs and boxers are invited to be a part of it!

Boxing is steeped in history, and dates back to ancient times, but it was the Marquess of Queensberry Rules, published in England in 1867, that saw it become an organised sport.

The Amateur Boxing Association (ABA), which became the ABAE and then England Boxing, was formed in 1880, while the first National Championships were held a year later.

Since then, more than 200 countries across five confederations (England Boxing being part of the EUBC) have joined world governing body AIBA, and International Boxing Day is a chance to celebrate that shared love of boxing.

Get involved on social media in three ways

  1. Join in the AIBA online flashmob celebration called #FacesOfBoxing by record a short shadowboxing video of about 20-40 seconds (filmed in landscape either in one of England’s instantly-recognisable places, or if that’s not possible, your gym) and then say to the camera: “We are the faces of boxing.” Post the video online up to a week before (20th August) tagging in England Boxing and AIBA using the hashtags #FacesOfBoxing #BoxingUnites and detailing who you are and your club. 20 boxing gloves signed by Roy Jones Jr will be sent out to 20 lucky participants in the flashmob, who will be randomly selected on 27th August. The best videos will be also published on an England Boxing video and /or in an AIBA Instagram account.
  2. Post a picture on social media on International Boxing Day itself (27th August) that marks a memorable moment in a club or boxer’s history. It could be a recognised big name winning his first bout on an amateur club show, an amazing community event that pulled everyone in the local area together or maybe the opening of a club or new venue… the choice is entirely yours. Don’t forget to detail what the picture is about, tag in England Boxing and AIBA and use the hashtags #IBDMemorableMoment #BoxingUnites.
  3. Post pictures on social media on International Boxing Day itself (27th August) of activity from your gym, using the hashtag #InternationalBoxingDay #BoxingUnites and tagging in England Boxing and AIBA. It could be skipping, shadow boxing, sparring, bag work or general fitness… just have fun and show everyone you have that Friday Feeling!

England Boxing and AIBA social media links

In case you’re unsure where to post videos, here are links to England Boxing’s Facebook, Instagram and Twitter and here are links to AIBA’s Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.