ABA National Junior Championships 1960

Date March 23, 1960
Location The Royal Albert Hall, London
Year 1961
Weight Category Champion Finalist
Class A kg V Thorley (National Association of Boys' Club) Cadet A Armstrong (Army Cadet Force)
kg G O'Neill (Wolverhampton ABC) K Tate (National Association of Boys' Clubs)
kg J Isaac (National Association of Boys' Clubs) P Dryland (Garden City ABC)
kg W Breslin (Litherland ABC) P Carney (National Association of Boys' Clubs)
kg R Chandler (Woking ABC) Cadet D Duffield (Army Cadet Force)
kg J Sullivan (National Association of Boys' Clubs) Cadet R Gizzi (Army Cadet Force)
kg T Bowering (National Association of Boys' Clubs) J Maloney (Fisher-Ludlow ABC)
kg Cadet D Pleace (Armdy Cadet Force) Opponent disqualified
Class B kg Cadet B Regan (Army Cadet Force) P A Dack (Battersea ABC)
kg M Pye (Harris Lebus ABC) Cadet J Jones (Air Training Corps)
kg Cadet B Pidwell (Army Cadet Force) K Mordue (Hayes ABC)
kg J/L/Cpl M J Thomas (Imperial Services BA ABC) R Lunnis (Chelmsford ABC)
kg Cadet J Donovan (Army Cadet Force) S R Webbe (Patchways ABC)
kg G Wood (L.T. Chiswick General ABC) Cadet V Bryant (Army Cadet Force)
kg I Drew (Garden City ABC) K Lawler (Bradford YMCA)
kg R Noble (West Ham ABC) M Brown (Park Farm ABC)
kg W Gray (Wolverhampton ABC) B Sutton (Rotax ABC)