ABA National Junior Championships 1938

Date February 5, 1938
Location The Stadium Club, High Holborn
Year 1938
Weight Category Champion Finalist
Class A kg R Fordham (Lion ABC) G Sutton (Mellingriffith BC)
kg T Murray (Birkenhead AA and BC) E Hicks (Mellingriffith BC)
kg J Gillham (Croydon ABA) B Muprhy (Cardiff Gas BC)
kg L J Merchant (Spillers AC) A D Groombridge (Catford and District BC)
kg T G Mears (Rumney B and SC) W Busby (London Midland AC)
kg J Darling (All Saints' AC) E Pothan (Mellingriffith BC)
kg G Newell (Littlehampton and District BC) C H Cawkwell (Hull Kingston ABC)
Class B kg L Bernard (St David's BC) J Richardson (St Pancras BC)
kg A Benson (St Pancras BC) E A Lawrence (Mellingriffith BC)
kg A G Donne (Melingriffith BC) B Magee (Tarleton ABC)
kg F McCarthy (Polytechnic BC) H J Rickards (Upper Thomas Street BC)
kg J E Thornhill (Raleigh BC) T H Cottnam (Sowerby Bridge BC)
kg G McGrath (Melingriffith BC) S Crouch (West Ham BC)
kg R Parker (Dagenham and District BC) P Johnston (St Margaret's Boys' Club)