ABA National Junior Championships 1998

Date April 12, 1998
Location Fox Hollies Leisure Centre, Birmingham
Year 1998
Weight Category Champion Finalist
Class A Under 45 kg S Symes (West Hill ABC) J Coffey (Lewsey ABC)
Under 48 kg D Robinson (Parks ABC) J Convey (St Mary's ABC)
Under 51 kg T Chapman (Newham ABC) G Wilshaw (Brownhills ABC)
Under 54 kg S Trustcott (South Bank ABC) N Booth (Walsall Wood ABC)
Under 57 kg P Humphrey (New Astley ABC) D Wyatt (Golden Ring ABC)
Under 60 kg T McDonagh (Collyhurst and Moston ABC) S Rushton (Penhill RBL ABC)
Under 64 kg A Buchanan (Birtley ABC) L Delaney (Dale ABC)
Under 67 kg D Cadman (Repton ABC) B Jackson (Sacred Heart ABC)
Under 71 kg P Gardner (Birtley ABC) M Briggs (Tower Hill ABC)
Under 75 kg J Smith (Empire ABC) S Mullins (Didcot ABC)
Under 81 kg T Dodson (Gemini ABC) S Clay (Rugeley Police ABC)
Class B Under 51 kg N Cook (Hornchurch and Elm Park ABC) S Snowling (Halstead ABC)
Under 54 kg S Miller (St Paul's ABC) David Mulholland (Transport ABC)
Under 57 kg Stephen Burke (Salisbury ABC) L O'Reilly (St Mary's ABC)
Under 60 kg S Smith (Repton ABC) N Wright (Shildon ABC)
Under 64 kg S Yates (Dawlish ABC) J McKeever (Cavendish ABC)
Under 67 kg G Wake (Hunslet ABC) K Mitchell (Camborne and Redruth ABC)
Under 71 kg D Kemp (Beccles ABC) W Fleming (West Wirral ABC)
Under 75 kg M Dean (Long Lane ABC) L Coates (Medway Golden Gloves ABC)
Under 81 kg R Walls (Sporting Ring ABC) Joey Ainscough (Kirkdale ABC)
Under 91 kg David Dolan (Plains Farm ABC) P Souter (Newham ABC)