AGM Meeting Held at The Canal Duke, Stour Road, Manchester,

M29 7PX

Saturday 6th July 2019 at 12:00 noon

(Executive Committee: Pre Meeting 10:30am)

Henry Herbert NW Region Secretary


Saturday 6th July 2019 at 10.30am

Venue: Canal Duke, Stour Road, Tyldesley, Manchester M297PX.




  1. Attendees: S. Walshaw, H. Herbert, I.     Harrison, W. Heywood, S. Brady,                                                            P. Richardson.
  2. Apologies:  C. Hayes, A. Finch
  3. AGM 2017/2018 minutes: Discussed (accepted)
  4. Officer’s Honorariums and Expenses (no proposals)
  5. AOB: (a)  PR raised the issue of costs for the female squad’s trip to Ireland. IH was tasked with bringing costings for the trip so it can be ratified by the Secretary and Treasurer. It was noted that any financial expense should always be costed and brought to the committee before commitment is made by any individual member.(b) A discussion ensued about the Regional Belts It was agreed that W.H, I.H and S.B would look at venues and costs Belts and costs a list of challengers and report back.
  6. Officers Reports 18/19: President’s  Report  (accepted)   Honorary Secretary’s Report  (accepted) Treasurer’s Financial Report (accepted)






Dear Members

It has been an honour to be the President of a fast changing ever growing amateur boxing association; I would like to thank all the Clubs, Boxers Coaches and Officials for their ability to adapt and work tirelessly to make our region the success it is.

The Senior/Elites/ Amateur championships came to Manchester this year and 2 of our regional champions came away with the prestigious honour of National Champion. Well done to Cindy Ngamba 75kg from Bolton Lads & Girls Club who added to her under 10 Senior Novice title at the end of last year. Also Ibrahim Nadim 56kg from Bury ABC (is there ever a season where they don’t have a champion) well done Mike and Colin. Also commiserations to Ramtin Musah from Beartown ABC for a magnificent effort just falling short of the title. I am sure there will be lots of honours for that young man going forward.

England Boxing intend coming back to Manchester again next season to host the Championships, let that be an incentive to more of our boxers to achieve that most prestigious of all Titles.

I am informed we had 28 National Champions this season involving 14 of our 110 clubs that is brilliant but we can do better and I am sure we will.

Lastly can I give a big thank you to my committee colleagues they have kept meetings friendly and meaningful most of the time. Half of them with extended roles but still devoting that extra time to keep the Region on target to creating a surplus that can reward the boxers and their clubs for the effort they put in season after season.

Enjoy your rest see you next season.

Best regards

Steve Walshaw



Region ABA


Thank you all for coming today I hope you are all well.

Sadly we have lost some good friends throughout this season and my sympathies and condolences go out to their nearest and dearest, and on behalf of the region may I say it was a pleasure and a privilege having known them and called them a friend.It has been a hard but interesting task to help steer and keep the Region on the right path throughout the season and the rewards amount to another successful season of growth and sustainability.

My personal thanks go to our Executive Committee for their help and support and in particular Ste Brady who continues to give not just his time to the region he also facilitates his resources free of charge enabling us to once again make a surplus on the championships; last season over £11,000 and this season over £9,000. The recovery of the regions financial position is in a big way because of this. Our strategy from the outset was austerity but to maintain and extend the services to our clubs and boxers no matter what. Some of you may not appreciate how close to catastrophe we were 2 years ago yet the recovery measures we have taken have not cost our membership an extra penny unlike some regions whom I am led to believe have charged up to £50 a club extra maybe more than that in some places a kind of surcharge on top of the £220 EB charges. No our strategy from the first year was to cut back on the Championship facilities, our executive officers gladly offered £3000 a season on their honorariums, a cut back on the expense of our committee meetings and any other expenses that were deemed superfluous. This has cost us a few moans mainly from the committee, however it has been a success and will continue to be a success if we stay on track and justify any expense we have on the basis of our finances and not the need for prestige or one-

-up manship.

The Region continues through our Clubs to produce National Finalists and Champions. A special mention to Sharpstyle ABC with 7 National Champions (new kids on the block) absolutely fantastic achievement it must be a first very special indeed. Then of course the usual suspects Jimmy Egan’s and Leigh ABC with 3 titles apiece and Bury ABC, Northside ABC, Bolton Boys & Girls with 2 titles each and another 9 clubs sharing the spoils and probably 3 times that number (28) that got to the finals but came back without the title. They were all our Champions and we are very proud of all of you well done. On a personal note a special thank you to Conner Burton, Bernie Mongan, Cindy Ngamba, Ramtin Musah and Clark Smith for giving performances that made me glad to be in the audience watching. Keep it up.

We lost members and gained new ones this season and we already have clubs lined up to be inspected and affiliated for next season. The Regions growth and the knowledge our clubs can still produce the finest boxers in the country give me the faith that the true purpose of what I do and what we do together is to sustain that cause for the good of Boxing. Our roles are important whatever we do we must continue to sustain and respect the legacy of our sport ..

Henry Herbert

North West Region

Honorary Secretary




Income and Expenditure for 2018-2019 season

Date Championship Level Income costs surplus
May-18 NWR SchoolBoys Quarter Final 2,435.00 1295 1,140.00
Nov-18 NWR NAGB Championship Finals 2,145.00 145 2,000.00
NWR NAGB Quarter Finals 905 230 675
Nov-18 NWR NAGB Semi Finals 1,735.00 30 1,705.00
Jan-19 NWR Youth Semi Finals and Finals 600 420.00 180
Feb-19 NWR Youth Finals 865 0 865.00
Mar-19 Junior & Cadets Quarter Semi and Finals 2,550.00 1,510.00 1,040.00
Mar-19 NWR Semi Finals and Finals 960 605 355
Apr-19 NWR Finals 1,340.00 520 820
Apr-19 NWR Schoolboy 320 0 320
Apr-19 NWR Semis 1,075.00 460 615
Dec-18 Youth & Cadets Championship 165 0 165
Income from Championships 15,095.00 5215 9,880.00
Championship Surplus 9,880.00
Show Permit Fees 6,390.00
Coaching Courses  

L1 Delivered by

L2 Delivered by


England Boxing

NW Region

Total income 24,257.62
Overhead Expenses
Travel 70
Assessor 100
Exec meeting costs 925
Registrations 44
Honararium 10,150
Competition Secretary 500
NW region vests 319.2
Venue Hire 1000
Total Expenses 13,108.20
Annual Surplus 11,149.42
Accounts prepared by:-
Peak Business Solutions Limited, Chartered Management Accountants, 191 High Street West, Glossop, SK13 8EX
Date 05/07/19
The accounts have been prepared based on information provided by Steve Tallo-Brady since he took over responsibility for the preparation of accounts in September 2017


AOB  (a)  PR raised the issue of costs for the female squad’s trip to Ireland. IH was tasked with bringing costings for the trip so it can be ratified by the Secretary and Treasurer. It was noted that any financial expense should always be costed and brought to the committee before commitment is made by any individual member.

(b) A discussion ensued about the Regional Belts It was agreed that W.H, I.H and S.B would look at venues and costs Belts and costs a list of challengers and report back.


Meeting  finished 11.45

MAIN MEETING – 12:00 noon


  1. Welcome to attendees by President
  2. Minutes Silence in respect of deceased members who died during the 18 / 19 Season
  3. Confirmation of Clubs and Representatives in attendance – Roy Richardson’s BA, Blackburn with Darwen PCC, Bury ABC, Tyldesley Centurions, Droylsden ABC, Tameside Elite, Pool of Life ABC, Ashton Albion, Sale West ABC.
  4. Apologies: St John’s, Metro, Boarshaw ABC,
  5. Confirmation/Acceptance of Previous Season’s AGM  Minutes 17 / 18: Proposed Bury ABC, Seconded Blackburn with Darwen ABC accepted as a true and accurate record
  6. Matters arising no matters arising
  7. Reports: Hon President and Secretary; handed out their written reports to the floor the officers then addressed the members present and answered any questions and spoke of future plans. All reports received warmly from the floor.
  8. Balance Sheet and Statement of Accounts for 2018 / 2019 Season: The Treasurer answered questions from the floor after he had passed out copies of his report and the current bank account bank balance for everyone to see. All agreed the finances of the region were still on the right course and looking healthy.
  9. Recommendations for Officer’s Honorariums and Expenses: The committee had again recommended no change all agreed.
  10. Election of Officers:



  1. Compliance Officer Wayne Heywood Unopposed (elected 1 year term of office)
  2. Appointments Secretary Alvin Finch Unopposed (elected 1 year term of office)
  3. Female Development Officer Pat Richardson Unopposed (elected 1 year term of office)
  4. Area Representative Colin Hayes Unopposed (elected 1 year term of office)

Please note that the Honorary President, Honorary Secretary and Honorary Treasurer have 1 year remaining of their 3 years term of office The Welfare Officer, Adjudicator, Medical Registrar, Regional Coach and Female Coach have 2 years remaining of their 3 years term of office and as such are elected.

17. Proposal from NWR executive regarding a Constitutional Change

Nothing received

  1. Proposals to NWR regarding any General Changes

Nothing received.

19. A.O.B. – Nothing Received