Women’s Coach Development Programme 2023: Coaches convene for padding workshop

June 27, 2023 | by Chris Boyd


The 2023-24 cohort of the Women’s Coach Development Programme descended on The Lion’s Den in Sheffield on Sunday (25th June), for the latest WCDP session which focused on ‘Padding with Purpose’.

All 12 participants: Chantelle Trumpet (Jimmy Egan’s), Chantelle Walker (Walkden), Claire Holloway (Downend), Diane Crozier (Riley’s), Emma Loch (Eastbourne), Haseebah Abdullah (Windmill), Michelle Dean (Lions), Michelle Nelson (Evolve), Sannah Adam (Premier), Stacey Thompson (North Road), Suzanne Viestica Brown (Oxford) and Vicky Neville (Selby) were in attendance, and they were joined by a boxer from each of their gyms.

The workshop focused on technical and fault correction, conditioning and sharpening and southpaw padding, with all drills designed to develop the confidence of the participants and ensure effective delivery of all things pad related.

Participants were joined by mentors: Donna Harvey-Arnell (Ipswich), Kara Mikolajczyk (Mikey’s), Kate Newton (Rathbone), Kerry Chalk (Holmes Chapel) and Vicki Baker (Peterborough Police) while England Boxing’s Women’s and Girls Officer Laura Sargeant oversaw the session.