Why clubs need your support to #KOCOVID19: Wimborne ABC

April 14, 2020 | by Matt Halfpenny


Wimborne ABC is the only England Boxing Club within the town and plays a huge role within the local community.

The Western Counties club runs junior sessions nearly every evening, keeping the youngsters busy and engaged. It has a very popular and well-attended Girls Academy too.

Since the gym closed three weeks ago, Head Coach, Dave Rimmer has been doing his best to keep his boxers as active as possible both physically and mentally.

The club runs fitness sessions on YouTube every Monday, Wednesday and Friday night 1800-1830hrs and although originally set up for Wimborne Boxers, they have now opened these free sessions up to anyone that would like to take part.

If you would be interested in joining in you can find the Clubs YouTube page here.

To mix things up a bit, Wimborne’s boxers put together their own Toilet Roll Challenge which has proved popular across the club’s social media and can be seen here.

Rimmer also volunteers his time to coach boxing to girls in local middle and upper schools, making it far easier to get in additional weekly exercise in a friendly, fun and non-threatening environment.

Despite all this, Wimborne faces a problem in that the club must remain shut during the Coronavirus lockdown but still has overheads to pay on the club.

They were hoping their show in April would cover the costs of a compulsory Defibrillator that they require, but this event has now been obviously cancelled they are looking for additional ways to fund this.

Any donation would go such a long way in helping this club fight out from the corner, which, through no fault of their own, is where they have found now themselves.

You can donate to Wimborne here.

You can find out more details and support a participating club of your choice by going to: www.englandboxing.org/clubs/kocovid19/

Follow all the latest on the campaign across social media using the hashtag #KOCOVID19