Supervisor training planned to begin next month

November 6, 2021 | by Matt Halfpenny


England Boxing is continuing its push to strengthen the pool of boxing officials at all levels by starting Supervisor training next month.

Each regional association is being asked to nominate candidates from their current lists of R&Js.

The training is to be centrally delivered by England Boxing with in-field support mentoring provided by the regions.

As part of the selection process, each nominated candidate will have to complete an online exam, with an agreed pass rate will be set for the candidates to progress.

To ensure a quality learning experience, candidates need to demonstrate a good level of knowledge and understanding of the rules and the different roles.

Within the training process itself, there will be two main components – knowledge, education and understanding and mentoring alongside a Regional Supervisor Developer.

The final assessment is an online interview with an England Boxing Panel (one Grade A Supervisor, one Grade B Supervisor and an internal verifier), with the Regional Supervisor Developer will also be invited to observe.

The panel will individually mark the interview and meet to review for a decision. The grading will be based upon Pass / Fail or Referral.

If the candidate is successful, England Boxing will certificate and the supervisor will be required to read and sign a code of conduct to evidence they understand the duties of the supervisor’s role. This licence to Supervise will last for three years.

Candidates have the option to progress to Grade B or re-take the Grade C course again. If the candidate fails or is referred there will be an agreed action plan in place based on the development areas of the candidate.

For more details, please email