Finalists invited to form The School Academy

June 29, 2019 | by Matt Halfpenny


England Talent would like to invite all Cadet, Class A and Class B finalists (male and female) from this year’s England Boxing National Schools Championships 2019 to form The School Academy 2019.

Boxers are asked to attend at the English Institute of Sport in Sheffield on Sunday 21st July for a day working with the national coaches.

The day will consist of an education piece and an insight into life as an international boxer, as well as boxing training/sparring.

All boxers will receive a t-shirt on the day and be invited to between 3-5 training sessions during the year.

Development Coach Amanda Coulson said: “Please don’t worry about the weight in which you competed at the Championships – we understand that as young boxers you are growing athletes and therefore we don’t expect you to be at this weight any longer.

“We will check your weight on arrival simply to establish which groups you’ll be placed in for the day.*

“Due to the large volume of boxers expected at this day, we kindly ask parents/coaches to arrive with their boxer to register them and complete a parental consent form, but then to depart until the day ends around 4pm to pick them up.”

A list of boxers invited to attend is detailed below.

The School Academy details

Session 1 date:  Sunday 21st July 2019.

Time:  10.30am arrival for 11am start until 4.30pm.

Location: EIS Sheffield, Coleridge Road, Sheffield, S9 5DA.

What to bring: BCR1 (medical card – this must have a medical that is in date and a 2019/2020 sticker to confirm your boxer is insured to take part), lunch and a water bottle to keep hydrated throughout the day.

Training gear: bandages, sparring gloves (14o/z), headguard, boots, gumshield, protector, skipping rope, running trainers.

Boxers invited

Jordan Barrett 32kg Powerday Hooks Cadet
Mia Felton 32kg Darlaston Cadet
Ruby White 36kg Stirminster Newton Cadet
Hollie Haskins 36kg Yate Cadet
Aimee Webb 38kg Priory Park Cadet
Maisie Cobden 38kg Weston Warriors Cadet
Ella Loansdean 42kg Sunderland East End Cadet
Madeline Challenger 42kg Berinsfield Cadet
Ruby Moss-Birch 44kg Golden Ring Cadet
Charlotte Bower 44kg Right Stuff Cadet
Imogen French 46kg Dunston Cadet
Georgia Turner 46kg Newbiggin Cadet
Scarlett Berwick 48kg Wearmouth Cadet
Faye Marshall 48kg Great Wryley Cadet
Skye Smith 52kg Berinsfield Cadet
Rubi Smallwood 52kg Beartown Cadet
Arisa Lambert 56kg Laisterdyke Cadet
Maisie Blackham 59kg Marybone Cadet
Lily Ramshaw 31kg Hastings Westhill Class A
Ellie Traynor 33kg Seacroft Class A
Scarlett McAllen 36kg Northolt Class A
Emma Simmons 39kg St Marys Class A
Chrissy Burnside 42kg Wednesbury Class A
Ruby Atkinson 45kg Birtley Class A
Tayla Spooner 48kg Warley Class A
Monae Hetherington 54kg MTK Class A
Amelia New 63kg Sunderland East End Class A
Alvina Razak 33kg Sedburgh Class B
Courtney Hart 42kg Mayflower Class B
Ruby White 45kg HOP Class B
Brooke Cooper 48kg Wednesbury Class B
Chloe Davies 51kg Newark Class B
Lily Rose Nash 54kg Portland Class B
Eloise Holland 58kg Priory Park Class B
Katie Doig 60kg Emeralds Class B
Madison Adkins 67kg Bodyshots Redditch Class B
Daniel Hamilton 28kg No Limits Cadet
William White 28kg Westhill Cadet
Jake Jenkins 30kg Pinewood Cadet
Mason Scoullar 30kg Rotunda Cadet
Mohammed Safari 32kg The Ring Cadet
William Ball 32kg West Ham Cadet
Jamie Barrett 34kg Powerday Hooks Cadet
Sydney Welch 34kg Darlington Cadet
Jonas Railton 36kg Bishop Auckland Cadet
William Howard 36kg Repton Cadet
James Friend 38kg Rumbles Cadet
Seth Charles 38kg Sheffield Cadet
Michael Haley 40kg Laisterdyke Cadet
Joseph McDonagh 40kg Whitehart Lane Cadet
John Valler 42kg Pinewood Cadet
Jeremie Lessa 42kg Capiton Cadet
Mason Butcher 44kg Pinewood Cadet
Kevin McDonagh 44kg Ardwick Lads Cadet
Riley Holmes 46kg Leigons Cadet
Claude Grey 46kg Hoddesdon Cadet
Kevin Richardson 48kg Houghton Cadet
George Murray 48kg Derby Lane Cadet
Joshua Homfray 50kg Evolution Cadet
John Joe Carrigan 52kg Border City Cadet
Martin Sweeney 52kg Five Star Cadet
Tommy Lee Brazil 56kg Chichester Cadet
Riley Edeson 59kg Leigons Cadet
Taylan Porter 62kg Coopers Cadet
John McDonagh 62kg Whitehart Lane Cadet
Harry Penny 30kg West Hamn Class A
Joe Padget 32kg Sunderland Class A
Martin Doran 34kg Ferndown Class A
Shane Price 35.5kg Albion Class A
Esa Muddaser 37kg Laisterdyke Class A
Terrance Brown 38.5kg Marybone Class A
Gerry McDonagh 40kg Dale Youth Class A
Nathan Ward 41.5kg Darlington Class A
Bobby Tidesley 43kg Chalvedon Class A
Kyle Carter 44.5kg High Wycombe Class A
Ashton Duncan 46kg Thames Valley Class A
Ryan Darlington 48kg Devonport Class A
Jayden Crook 50kg Chorley Class A
Charles Cooper 52kg Poundland Class A
Bernie McDonagh 54kg Ardwick Lads Class A
Brendan Pearson 56kg Crook Class A
Jack McConnell 59kg Whitby Class A
Brinkley Lee 62kg Redcar Class A
Dylan Wallis 65kg Bideford Class A
Luke Dunn 30kg Lampton Street Class B
Joel Fallon 32kg Powerday Hooks Class B
Scott Stannard 34kg Sudbury Class B
Bernie Mongan 35.5kg Bridgewater Salford Class B
Owen Ketley 37kg Hull BC Class B
Paddy Ward 38.5kg Pinewood Class B
Mohammed Suleman 41kg Eastside Class B
Charlie Smith 41.5kg CSM Class B
Paul Graham 43kg Lee Jones Class B
Ethan Cummings 44.5kg Gemini Class B
Kian Quinn 46kg Braunstone Class B
Mason Orchard 48kg Pinewood Class B
Aman Kumar 50kg Clearys Class B
Jeziah Vieira 52kg Earlsfield Class B
Thomas Robinson 54kg South Derby Class B
Harry Wilson 56kg Pinewood Class B
Denis Sorokins 59kg Rosehill Class B
Michael O’Reagan 62kg 2nd City Class B
Billy Baxter 65kg March Class B
Joe Hodgkinson 68kg Olympian Class B
Jack Blencowe 72kg Kingfisher Class B
Dempsey McManus 76kg Wodensborough Class B
Maurice Thomas 80kg Prince of Wales Class B

Any questions?

Please contact Development Coach Amanda Coulson on 07710 097820.