KICKSTART programme boosts clubs to the tune of £1.3 million

December 11, 2022 | by Matt Halfpenny


The Police Community Clubs of Great Britain (PCCGB) has been proud to support the roll out of the Government’s KICKSTART programme, including in a number of England Boxing member clubs.

Running from April 2021 until September 2022, it aimed to give young people vital work experience to increase their access to employment, education or training (EET).

Partnering with over 30 different sporting bodies, including England Boxing, the PCCGB gave young people the opportunity to work in a variety of sports.

Over a six-month employment period, they gained experience as coaches, data analysts, ground staff, in various media and administration roles and, for some, participating in high level sport.

The retention rate of young people completing the KICKSTART programme was over 90%, which has been acknowledged as one of the highest of any organisation participating in it, and testimony to quality of the experience gained.

The PCCGB employed more than 340 young people on the programme, with ach young person received 25 hours per week of paid employment.

This was funded by the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) and required the administration of a payroll service of over £2.2m over an 18-month period.

In amateur boxing alone, the PCCGB was able to boost participating clubs, by way of wages and grants, by over £1.3 million.

The work of these young people enhanced the delivery of organisations and allowed them to reach out and expand their services to the communities they support during the difficult period of the Covid-19 Pandemic.

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