International Men’s Health Week: 12th – 18th June 2023

June 12, 2023 | by Chris Boyd


As part of International Men’s Health Week 2023, England Boxing will be providing information on how to benefit your health and live a healthier life.

Led by Men’s Health Network, representatives from six leading men’s health organisations around the world came together in 2002 to launch International Men’s Health Week (MHW).

The goal is to increase awareness of male health issues on a global level and to encourage inter-and-intranational institutions to develop health policies and services that meet the specific needs of men, boys, and their families.

This year’s focus is men’s health and the internet.

The iPhone was born in 2007. Those born in the same year will turn 16 this time and 2,500 of our members are 16 years of age. They’ve grown up with a high-performance computer in their pocket.

What are the implications for their health?

That’s the question for this year’s Men’s Health Week. Clearly, there are some health benefits to being able to access health information or deliver and receive health services online but what are the downsides?

Men’s Health Forum has the following messages for men:

  • If you think you’re spending too much time on your tech (and even if you don’t), take a screen break and try the ‘CAN DO’ challenge The free ‘CAN DO’ manual can help.
  • The ‘CAN DO’ challenge alone will benefit your mental wellbeing but if you want to give your mind a fuller MOT, get our Man MOT For the Mind.
  • There’s evidence that some addictions affecting men have been made worse by 24/7 internet and smartphones. If you’re concerned about addiction, check out our new ‘Wanna Bet’ manuals

Click here to access the Men’s Health Forum manuals and general health advice.