Gunton’s Head Coach helping Coronavirus battle

April 12, 2020 | by Matt Halfpenny


A hard-working Midlands region coach has been giving his all to help the battle against the Coronavirus outbreak.

Dean Gunton, Head Coach at Gunton’s ABC in Leamington Spa, has been helping a group called 3D Crowd UK to create and build protective equipment for the NHS using 3D printers, even though he gets no financial help for this project.

Once the PPE is made, it is then sent to Sheffield where it is checked, sterilised and distributed to NHS hospitals across the country.

Alongside this, he is also volunteering to deliver fruit and vegetables, provided by the SYDNI Centre, where the club is based, for people most vulnerable in the local community.

Youngsters from the club have also been provided with training equipment donated by Gunton to help them keep up with their training.

He keeps in touch with all members to make sure everyone is all safe is recognised as a star in the local community.

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