GB Schools Three Nations 2023: Semi-finals day bout list

June 17, 2023 | by Chris Boyd


10 Team England boxers will be in action during today’s GB Schools Three Nations 2023 semi-finals day at the Sports Wales National Centre, located at Sophia Gardens in Cardiff.

It will be an all-England vs Wales clash today, with all 10 bouts being contested between the two nations. Boxing will commence at 11am.

Bout 2 Male, Under 34kg Lucas Jenkins (Wales) Tommy Stanley (England)
Bout 3 Male, Under 36kg Morgan Davies (Wales) Mason Watson (England)
Bout 6 Male, Under 38kg Simon O’Donnell (England) Harri Burnett (Wales)
Bout 8 Male, Under 40kg Isa Hussain (England) Waltey Connors (Wales)
Bout 9 Male, Under 42kg Gabriel Hegarty (Wales) Kai Walsh (England)
Bout 10 Male, Under 44kg Cornelius Price (Wales) Owen McCann (England)
Bout 11 Male, Under 46kg Thomas Salathiel (Wales) Danny Lee (England)
Bout 14 Male, Under 48kg Yashua Fleming (England) Hope Price (Wales)
Bout 15 Male, Under 50kg Albert McCleary (England) Owen Scanlon (Wales)
Bout 16 Male, Under 57kg Terry Mullane (Wales) Sonny Hollingsworth (England)