GB Junior and Youth Three Nations 2023: Semi-final bout list

June 3, 2023 | by Chris Boyd


17 Team England boxers will be in action during today’s GB Junior and Youth Three Nations 2023 semi-finals day at the Ravenscraig Regional Sports Facility in Motherwell.

Eight Junior and nine Youth Team England boxers will take to the ring, with boxing commencing at 12noon across two rings.

Streaming details are available by clicking here.



Bout 3 Male, Under 48kg Aaron Sarwar (Scotland) Mason Scoular (England)
Bout 6 Male, Under 50kg Max Sleith (Scotland) Mohammed Safari (England)
Bout 7 Male, Under 52kg Thomas O’Reilly (Scotland) Dylan Gray (England)
Bout 8 Male, Under 54kg Finn Harris (England) Jacob Naismith (Scotland)
Bout 9 Male, Under 57kg Taylor McMahon (Scotland) Jamie Barrett (England)
Bout 11 Male, Under 60kg Luca Flynn (Scotland) Paul Coyle (England)
Bout 13 Male, Under 66kg Callum Bell (Scotland) Frankie Thompson (England)
Bout 14 Male, Under 80kg Harris Birnie (Scotland) Tobias Taylor (England)



Bout 1 Female, Under 50kg Tamzen Quigley (Scotland) Alice Pumphrey (England)
Bout 3 Male, Under 54kg Leighton Birchall (England) Leo Jameson (Scotland)
Bout 6 Male, Under 60kg Hamilton Joyce (England) Taylor Gough (Scotland)
Bout 7 Male, Under 63.5kg George Peacock (England) Ben Bonner (Scotland)
Bout 9 Male, Under 67kg Ellis Panter (England) Drew Limond (Scotland)
Bout 10 Male, Under 71kg Declan McPhee (Scotland) Mikey Jennings (England)
Bout 12 Male, Under 75kg Emmanuel Buttigieg (England) Fred Hannaway (Scotland)
Bout 13 Male, Under 80kg Willie Loveridge (England) Lukas Vaitekunas (Scotland)
Bout 14 Male, Under 86kg Connor McCormack (England) Josh Mullen (Scotland)