England take on Wales in Tamworth

January 24, 2023 | by Matt Halfpenny


Team England is looking forward to its very first international duel of the season this Saturday (28th January) at Tamworth.

A total of 16 boxers are in the initial squad to box, at Landau Forte Sixth Form Academy, subject to them being successfully matched.

The weigh-in will take place form 10am to 11am, with boxing starting at 1pm.

Spectators are welcome at the event at a cost of £20 per person, with pay on the door available.

Lead coach for the bouts will be Ivan Cobb and he will be supported by Laura Sargeant, Rhuari Kane, Phil Wilson and Ricardo Williams.

England team

Under 41kg – Eshaan Shaker (Priory Park, West Midlands).

Under 43kg – Jake Preston (Rotunda Merseyside and Cheshire).

Under 47kg – Harry Scadeng (Repton, London, pictured).

Under 49kg – George Ralph (Rainham, London).

Under 55kg – Isaac Huczmann (Leicester Lightening, East Midlands).

Under 61kg – Johnboy Hodgkins (Mikey’s, Midlands).

Under 64kg – Johnny Crittenden (Pinewood, Home Counties).

Under 51kg – Mikie Tallon (Lee Jones, Merseyside and Cheshire).

Under 54kg – Dionne Mannion (Marden, Tyne Tees and Wear).

Under 55kg – Leo Wood (Guildford, Southern Counties).

Under 58kg – Owen Ketley (Lionheart, Yorkshire).

Under 68kg – Louis Kirwan (Golden Ring, Southern Counties).

Under 55kg – Tom Welland (Hoddesdon, Home Counties).

Under 52kg – Amaan Ghulham (Warley, West Midlands).

Under 73kg – Luke Turner (Phoenix Fire, Merseyside and Cheshire).

Under 81kg – Oladimeji Shittu (Five Star, London).