England Schools to divide into North and South training squads

August 1, 2023 | by Chris Boyd


Boxers on the England Performance Schools squad will be divided into North and South training squads following the first all-squad training session later this month.

The full programme will meet for a training session at the GB Boxing Gym at the English Institute of Sport in Sheffield on Sunday 13th August, with participants to arrive at 10.30am and depart at 4pm.

Following the completion of the session, boxers will then be split into the North and South squads below and meet for training on dates and at venues which can be viewed by clicking here.

All boxers on the programme, Development and Performance, have been placed into North or South training squads which can be viewed below.

England Schools North Squad


U36kg Amelia Jones Birtley Tyne, Tees & Wear
U36kg Cole Morgan Wirral PC Merseyside & Cheshire
U36kg Mason Watson Birtley Tyne, Tees & Wear
U36kg Summer Grigg Second City Midlands
U38kg Bronson Hall Laisterdyke Yorkshire
U38kg Leah Paylor Birtley Tyne, Tees & Wear
U40kg Jimmy Lee Frank Bruno East Midlands
U40kg Lauren Jennings Seacroft Yorkshire
U40kg Teigan King High Fell Tyne, Tees & Wear
U42kg Azaan Hussain The Purge Yorkshire
U42kg Crosswell Barty Darlington Tyne, Tees & Wear
U42kg Isa Hussain Longsight North West
U42kg Olivia Mills Leigh ABC North West
U44kg Duran Coulson Birtley Tyne, Tees & Wear
U44kg Grace Musgrave City of Hull Yorkshire
U44kg Logan Palmer Tommy Coyle Yorkshire
U44kg Neveah May Brierley The Lion Gym Yorkshire
U46kg Anya New Sunderland East End Tyne, Tees & Wear
U46kg Brayden Dyer Second City Midlands
U46kg Brooke Matthews Triple A Eastern Counties
U46kg Danny Lee District Youth Tyne, Tees & Wear
U46kg Delilah Lambert Laisterdyke Yorkshire
U46kg Rogan Pitt Billingham Boxing Academy Tyne, Tees & Wear
U46kg Ruby Ferguson Golden Ring Southern Counties
U46kg Serena Mali Clearys ABC Midlands
U48kg Caiden Cairns Washington ABC Tyne, Tees & Wear
U48kg Cee J Thompson Phil Thomas SOB Tyne, Tees & Wear
U48kg Jaya Kalsi Clearys Midlands
U48kg Lily May Lonsdale Sunderland East End Tyne, Tees & Wear
U48kg Maisy Balchin Wimborne Western Counties
U50kg John Paul Miller Carlisle Villa North West
U50kg Levi Smith Worcester City Midlands
U51kg Letitia McKee Birkenhead Venture Merseyside & Cheshire
U51kg Ruby Took Crowle Boxing Club East Midlands
U52kg Ashton Innes The Legion Boxing Club Tyne, Tees & Wear
U52kg Robert Morton Epic Golden Gloves East Midlands
U52kg Sean Finney Selby Boxing Academy London
U54kg Bronson Butt PS Boxing Tyne, Tees & Wear
U54kg Dannie Smith Swinton ABC Yorkshire
U54kg Davie McDonagh Northside ABC North West
U54kg Francesca Goodman JC Boxing academy Merseyside & Cheshire
U54kg Karrera Jardine Shildon ABC Tyne, Tees & Wear
U54kg Otis Pearson Newark Boxing Academy East Midlands
U54kg Siobhan Haley Platinum Boxing Yorkshire
U57kg Ivor Lee Manor Boxing Academy Yorkshire
U57kg Kevin Rogers Sheffield City Yorkshire
U57kg Matty Mia Gateway ABC Eastern Counties
U57kg Sonny Hollingsworth Billingham Boxing Academy Tyne, Tees & Wear
U60kg Dominick Barrett Cricklewood ABC London
U60kg Ella Briscoe Priory Park Midlands
U60kg Finley Gunn Ridding’s ABC East Midlands
U60kg Luke Moore Henrys Gym Yorkshire
U60kg Rihanna Holden Phil Thomas SOB Tyne, Tees & Wear
U66kg John Hierons Hockley Boxing Club Eastern Counties
U70kg Riley Gunn Northstar ABC Tyne, Tees & Wear
U80kg Jamie Barrett High Wycombe Home Counties

England Schools South Squad


U30kg Freddie Roast Dagenham ABC London
U30kg Larry Rooney Sporting Ring Southern Counties
U32kg Daud Malik TM Boxing London
U32kg Elijah Smith Pinewood Starr Home Counties
U32kg Frank Johnson Sporting Ring Southern Counties
U32kg Peter Brede Albion Boxing Academy Eastern Counties
U34kg Charlie Ward Pinewood Starr Home Counties
U34kg Frank Ball Repton Boxing Club London
U34kg James Lee Southampton ABC Southern Counties
U34kg Tommy Stanley Newham ABC London
U36kg James Khan Hoddesdon ABC Home Counties
U38kg Ella Peach Bideford ABC Western Counties
U38kg Lily Bische CNC Western Counties
U38kg Paddy Rooney Trowbridge ABC Western Counties
U38kg Simon O’Donnell Pinewood Starr Home Counties
U40kg Charlie Keet Heart of Portsmouth Southern Counties
U40kg Ella Wellend Hoddesdon Home Counties
U40kg Johnny Maloney Pinewood Starr Home Counties
U40kg Tyler Loveridge Pinewood Starr Home Counties
U40kg William Saunders Hoddesdon Home Counties
U40kg Zack Racekvic Repton Boxing Club London
U42kg Aimus Peckham Ropes & Glory Southern Counties
U42kg Kai Walsh Bodyshots ABC London
U42kg Lily Bassett Boxing Stables Southern Counties
U44kg Michael Cash Sporting Ring Southern Counties
U46kg Owen McCann Rainham Boxing Club London
U48kg Frankie Smith Rainham Boxing Club London
U48kg Georgia White Newquay Boxing Academy Western Counties
U48kg William Saunders Sturminster Newton Western Counties
U48kg Yashua Fleming TM Boxing London
U50kg Albert McCleary Bodyshots ABC London
U51kg Scarlett Booth CNC Western Counties
U52kg Billy Dean Smith Repton London
U52kg Danny McClaughlin Pinewood Starr Home Counties
U54kg Jess Hayburn Blue Flames Western Counties
U57kg Daisy Weston Waterlooville Southern Counties
U57kg Megan Woods Barum Boxing Club Western Counties
U60kg Darcy Cooper Wimborne ABC Western Counties
U60kg Jag Singh Chadwell St Mary Eastern Counties
U60kg Taylor Williams Blue Flames Western Counties
U63kg Alexander Fares All Stars ABC London
U63kg William Loveridge Sporting Ring Southern Counties
U64kg Nancy Richmond Stratford Upon Avon Midlands
U64kg Zara Hussain Midlands Midlands
U66kg Hughie Lee Nevins Boxing Stables Southern Counties
U70kg Alfie Driver Hillcrest ABC Southern Counties
U70kg Fabien Sulmina Sydenham ABC Western Counties
U80kg Callum Barrett Powerday Hooks London