Cornwall ABA eagerly awaiting Irish trip

September 7, 2019 | by Matt Halfpenny


A Cornwall ABA team is busy preparing to take part in their first international show when they take on Esker ABC in Ireland.

The team travel from 13th to 15th September, from Bristol, for what is the follow-up to the ‘Battle of the Celts’ in March, when the Esker team visited Cornwall.

The Cornwall Boxing County Coach, Tony Houghton, will make the trip along with 16 boxers aged from 14 up to senior level, including two senior females.

They will be accompanied by eight coaches/ officials, who will be hosted by Ed Griffin and Esker ABC, along with large contingent of Cornish supporters.

“Many of our boxers have never even travelled overseas and are really looking forward to competing in the show, which is on 14th September,” said Houghton.

“I’m truly honoured to be taking such a talented select group from Cornwall Boxing to Ireland and I hope they all gain from the experience. I’m looking  forward to being in their corner.”

The Irish match-up is seen as an historic moment for Cornwall Boxing and is a sign of the county’s rising aspirations in the sport.

Part of the plan to continue development is to take on other counties and clubs across England in the near future.”