Armed forces duo come to Attleborough’s aid with tough challenges

May 23, 2020 | by Matt Halfpenny


Determined boxer Lily Devlin had just completed the incredible challenge of running four miles every four hours for 48 hours.

Competing for Attleborough Boxing Club from the age of 13, she has represented the club in Finland, Ireland and Sweden, winning Golden Girl Tournament gold, Piirrka Tournament gold, the Under 20 Development Championships and the Class D NABGC Championships.

Now part of the British Army Boxing Team, Devlin has kept in regular contact with the club and came up with her unique idea to support the club while it is closed during lockdown.

Lily literally has a heart of gold and wanted to help us keep the club operating once we can open up again so we are able to give other youngsters the chances she has had,” said Head Coach Jon Dennis.

“She is firmly part of the ABC family which, as with many boxing clubs, she has gone through the thick and thin, good and bad.

“But what a super young lady she has become and has become and he gesture is sop appreciated by all the club. We’d like to thank her form the bottom of our hearts.”

You can sponsor her here.

Devlin is not the only boxer to have been produced by the club going the distance to raise funds.

Jack Wilcox, who went on to join the parachute regiment of the army, is today (Saturday 23rd May) running a marathon with 20kg on his back.

You can support his bid here.