ABA National Schools Championships 1926

Year 1926
Weight Category Champion Finalist
Junior kg T Webster (St Dominics) W Fitzgerald (Cardiff)
kg L Diaz (Cardiff) H Tandy (West Ham)
kg W Hunt (Battersea) M A Herne (Cardiff)
kg F Power (Stratford) G Hawkins (South Wales and Monmouth)
kg J Didcott (Battersea) H G Pugh (Cardiff)
kg E Leverton (London) E S Donovan (Bermondsey)
kg F Snowball (London) T J Griffi (Hayes)
Senior kg S Grayson (Mortlake) G Bevan (South Wales and Monmouth)
kg L Cerria (Cardiff) L MacLean (Seaforth)
kg FH Thomas (South Wales and Monmouth) F Clarke (London)
kg T Anthony (Hammersmith) HE Wedge (Chepstow)
kg G Kirby (London) G Stringer (Southampton Row)
kg C Cooper (South Wales and Monmouth) C Pollock (Westminster)
kg GJ Brennan (Chepstow) E Cannon (London)
kg W Lewis (Chepstow) H Simpson (Chiswick)