Women’s Coach Development Programme spotlight: Dalma Divinszki (Empire ABC)

November 5, 2022 | by Chris Boyd


Western Counties coach, Dalma Divinszki, feels she is on the right path in her coaching development and hopes to use this opportunity to prepare herself for the level two coaching course.


How did you first get involved in boxing?

I used to watch boxing with my dad when I was little, it was our father-daughter thing so my love for the sport originates from there. Later, I studied Sports and Exercise Psychology with the goal of eventually ending up in boxing.

The idea then came to me to get more familiar with the coaching side of the sport and that is where I discovered my passion for coaching. It immediately felt like it is what I am meant to do. Ever since then, it has been the most amazing journey of my life, to learn this sport, study it, train it, analyze it, break it down into elements and eventually teach it to people.

Boxing is what has taught me the most about myself and my character. It’s what has built my confidence – by discovering strengths within me I couldn’t even imagine before. It has now become my purpose to create this environment for others and help them grow via boxing.

How pleased are you to be involved in a programme that is actively bidding to push women’s and girls’ boxing forward?

Receiving the email informing me of my successful application honestly meant the world to me. It was a long process to get here but I know I am on the right path, and I’ve got the opportunity to improve.

Being chosen has given me a huge confidence boost which was immediately visible in my gym through the way I would take charge of sessions and lead activities. Still, like every process, it involves leaving your comfort zone on a daily basis and that is where the support of this programme comes in.

I am excited to be in a group with women who have similar goals and experiences. Knowing that these role models, who have led the way, are all there for you when you’re in doubt and who show faith in you and in your abilities makes all the difference.

The opportunities that come with this programme are amazing. Participating in training sessions at the EIS is, again a huge stretch out of your comfort zone, but such an invaluable opportunity to learn from the best. This just wouldn’t be available without the WCDP.

What do you hope to get out of the WCDP that can improve you as a coach?

My personal goal is to be able to manage the corner for boxers during competitions and to ready myself for the level two course. At the end of this, I am aiming to have the technical and tactical knowledge, along with the confidence it requires, to assist athletes in their competitions.

This is a completely new field for me but Igne, my mentor from the WCDP, and I worked out a detailed action plan for achieving it and I am committed to using every opportunity to learn and improve.

How much will attending the WCDP help you in your club environment?

It is already helping me massively and allowing me to oversee my own development. I am extremely fortunate to have the support of my club, who truly want me to excel, and they, therefore, give me all the help I need.

I am getting lots of mentoring from various coaches, who all have extensive knowledge in this sport. They all give me lots of opportunities to take charge, allowing me to grow my own voice and confidence in a supervised environment.

The Individual Development Plan, which I had to formulate for the WCDP, has made it a lot more structured. I remember feeling overwhelmed at times, by all the information that I tried to pick up in the sessions. Now that I have a plan, I just go to my coaches and say what I would like to focus on at that time and what help I need from them. It is a lot easier for everyone. I tackle my goals by focusing on one step at a time and it also helps them to direct their mentoring on specific areas.

Having an insight into top-level coaching through this programme is providing knowledge that I intend to use to help my club.

Who are your biggest boxing inspirations?

My biggest boxing inspiration has got to be Jane Couch. Her passion for the sport and her determination to excel at it has paved the way for all of us. She is an inspiration to me, and I hope to represent women in boxing, the way she has. Bold, passionate and determined.

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