Wimborne Boxing Club

Wimborne miss flight due to snow – but still competing in Swedish Golden Girls Championship

February 25, 2019 | by Matt Halfpenny


Wimborne Amateur Boxing are defying snowy weather and a resulting missed flight to be in Sweden to enter the Golden Girl Championships – thanks to the power of social media and generous friends and family.

An accident on the M25 when the team was on the way to the airport shut the motorway for three hours and left them at a standstill.

They faced the disappointing prospect of having to return home without ever leaving the country, with the only alternative to pay another £900 for flights, which they didn’t have.

However, once the message got out on social media that the girls’ hard work and training would go to waste, friends and family rallied around to come up with the money.

“We couldn’t believe the response… We have now raised the money needed and secured our tickets for the later flight,” said the club’s Instagram post. “Thank you just doesn’t seem enough.

“We want to individually shake all your hands and show you the faces of the kids you’ve just made dreams come true for.

“Everyone that donated and shared our post, you are truly wonderful people, we owe you so much.”

Other England Boxing-affiliated clubs taking part in Sweden, who England Boxing would like to wish good luck, are The Right Stuff, Bright Star, City of Leicester, Braunstone, MTK Amateurs, Eastbourne Boxing Club, Rumbles Boxing Academy, Halewood, Downend Police, Jersey Leonis, Metropolitan Police, Left Hook, Islington, Double, Jab, Miguels and Dale Youth.