England Youth Talent Squad induction

Induction Day for England Youth Talent Squad

March 20, 2019 | by Matt Halfpenny


More than 70 boxers and in excess of 100 parents and coaches attended the England Youth Talent squad induction day on Sunday (17th March).

Held at the English Institute of Sport in Sheffield – the headquarters of England Boxing – it was a chance for those who have made it on to this year’s programme to meet the England coaches and hear what is expected of them over the coming months.

The session also gave boxers an opportunity to spar as well as collect new kit, have a publicity picture taken and receive a new Talent Handbook.

Other topics covered in specialised workshops were safeguarding, anti-doping, the code of conduct, social media and nutrition, while there was a Q&A with parents of boxers previously on the programme.

Sparing was split intro three groups depending on weight, with all boxers given the chance to showcase their skills.

Boxers joining the programme do so at three levels based on their ability, progress and achievements to date – Discovery, Challenge and Excel.

A full list of those who have been selected are detailed here:



51Kg      Simran Kaur                        Kings Heath                        Midlands

52Kg      Charlie Hickford                Bodyshots                         London

52Kg      Joe McGrail                         Everton Red Triangle       Merseyside and Cheshire

54Kg      Courtney Scott                  Hartlepool Headland      Tyne, Tees & Wear

57Kg      Elise Glynn                          Hook & Jab                         Merseyside & Cheshire

57Kg      Sameenah Toussaint      Northolt                               London

60Kg      Caroline Dubois                Repton                                 London

60Kg      Adam Azim                         Pinewood                           Home Counties

64Kg      Danielle Marshall             Hartlepool Catholic          Tyne, Tees & Wear

64Kg      Gemma Richardson         Scunthorpe                        Yorkshire

69Kg      George Bance                    Atherstone                         Midlands

81Kg      Emily Asquith                    Bridlington                          Yorkshire





48Kg      Jacey Birch                          St Marys                              Southern Counties

48Kg      Kyle Quinn                          Hoddesdon                        Home Counties

49Kg      Mykyle Ahmed                 Manor                                  Yorkshire

49Kg      Patrick Hewitt                    Leigh                                     North West

49Kg      William Hewitt                  Leigh                                     North West

51Kg      Chantel Whiting                Intense                                Southern Counties

51Kg      Savannah Stubbley          Empire                                  Tyne, Tees & Wear

51Kg      Holly Heffron                     Heart of Portsmouth      Southern Counties

52Kg      Cameron Paul                    Pinewood                           Home Counties

52Kg      Bradley Thompson          Donnington                        Midlands

54Kg      Amelia Jarvis                      Mayflower                          Southern Counties

56Kg      Adan Mohammed           Repton                                 London

56Kg      Billy Adams                         Dagenham                          London

56Kg      Edward Hardy                    Highfields                            Yorkshire

56Kg      Sahil Khan                           Merridale                            Midlands

57Kg      Shassen Datton                 Salisbury                              Merseyside & Cheshire

60Kg      Dione Burman                   Braunstone                        Midlands

60Kg      Patris Mughalzai               Powerday Hooks              London

60Kg      Jay Turner                           Frankie Gavin’s                 Midlands

64Kg      Ciara Hodnett                    Wildcard                              Merseyside & Cheshire

64Kg      Huey Malone                     Christ the Ring                   Midlands

64Kg      Jack Oliphant                     Bodyshots                           London

64Kg      Junaid Bostan                    Steel City                             Yorkshire

69Kg      Ellouise Challenger          Downend                            Western Counties

69Kg      Clark Smith                         Timperley                            North West

69Kg      Loleta Spencer                  Wellingborough                                East Midlands

69Kg      Stephen Clarke                 Rotunda                               Merseyside & Cheshire

69Kg      Thomas Varey                   Trowbridge                         Western Counties

75Kg      Dan Toward                        Birtley                                   Tyne, Tees & Wear

75Kg      John Hedges                      Hoddesdon                        Home Counties

81Kg      James Metcalfe                Ingles                                    Yorkshire

81Kg      Josh Martin                         Stow Staffs                         East Midlands

81Kg      Tommy Dixon                    Attleborough                     Eastern Counties

86Kg      Beni Mondua                     Edmonton Eagles             London

91Kg      Reece Sloan                        Salisbury                              Merseyside & Cheshire

91+Kg    Uthman Nawaz                 ELBA                                      London

91+Kg    William Howe                    Phil Thomas                        Tyne, Tees and Wear



48Kg      Morgan Ansell                   Clearys                                 Midlands

48Kg      Rebecca Unsworth          Wildcard                              Merseyside & Cheshire

49Kg      Georgie Ellis                        Hoddesdon                        Home Counties

49Kg      Robert Dunn                      Hendon                                Tyne, Tees & Wear

51Kg      Phoebe Griffiths Johnson   Bognor                                 Southern Counties

52Kg      Alex Head                            Hoddesdon                        Home Counties

52Kg      Olivia Holmes                    Rotunda                               Merseyside & Cheshire

52Kg      Roberto Lacourt                Repton                                 London

54Kg      Tayla Rushton                   Coventry Uni                      Midlands

54Kg      Ellie Tennison                    City of Hull                          Yorkshire

54Kg      Jessica Zelanzko                Macclesfield                       North West

54Kg      Patrycja Gnatowska        Tamworth                           Midlands

56Kg      Brayden Davies                 Donnington                        Midlands

56Kg      Abdul Khan                         Bury                                       North West

56Kg      Jack Murphy                      Roy Richardson’s              North West

57Kg      Chloe Morris                      Fox County                         East Midlands

57Kg      Georgia Klein                     Manor                                  Yorkshire

57Kg      Kelsey Uscroft                   Tommy Coyle                     Yorkshire

57Kg      Wanessa Orczwk              Scunthorpe                        Yorkshire

60Kg      Owen Bolingbrooke        Attleborough                     East Yorkshire

60Kg      Kevin Connell                     Everton Red Triangle       Merseyside & Cheshire

64Kg      Chloe McDermott            Lionheart                             Yorkshire

64Kg      Jessica Pattinson              Alnwick                                Tyne, Tees & Wear

64Kg      Ted Jackson                        St Pauls                                Discovery

69Kg      George Liddard                 Billericay                              Eastern Counties

69Kg      Sam King                              Hoddesdon                        Home Counties

69Kg      George Mitchell                                Hoddesdon                        Home Counties

75Kg      Danny Steele                     Epic GG                                East Midlands

75Kg      Christopher Collins          Northside                            North West

81Kg      Jack Edge                             Jimmy Egan’s                     North West

81Kg      Mateusz Berezwicki        Gosport                               Southern Counties

81Kg      Tino Bellot                           Dale Youth                          London

86Kg      Jada Blaze Letman-White  Freedom                             Yorkshire

86Kg      Ben Gidley                          Bake House                        Midlands

91Kg      Hunzla Hamzah                 Jewellery Quarter            Midlands