Wellbeing Wednesdays week 17 – step to it

March 3, 2021 | by Chris Boyd


What are you doing right now? Are you sitting down? Have you moved much today? How many steps have you taken?

I am sat here, thinking ‘have I moved recently’? Then I look at my Fitbit at 2.30pm and realise I have only done 2,400 steps. It is time to put on my trainers and get moving.

This week, it is all about hitting a daily step goal. Now I know I am not going to do 10,000 steps today, but I am still going to aim to finish on 5,000.

It has been said that the daily recommended amount of steps per day you should take is 10,000, which is approximately five miles. 10,000 steps isn’t a magic number but it is a good indicator of how many steps an active person takes (an inactive person takes 3,000 steps or less in their daily activity of moving around the house).

Walking 10,000 steps a day is not only good for our physical health, but, if you do it regularly, it is good for our mental wellbeing.

Why is walking good for you?

Research shows that sitting and lying for long periods of time during waking hours, is not good for you.

You should see walking and moving as a superfood for your body, as it is good for your health and wellbeing. Our bodies are built to move, with walking is a basic health requirement.

Here are a few benefits of walking:

  • A low-impact way to get in shape
  • Can improve sleep
  • Can reduce stress
  • Can improve your mental health
  • Improves mood
  • Can act as a form of mindfulness
  • Reduces fatigue.

How to get your steps up

To set an appropriate step target for yourself, you need to work out your current average. You can track this by using a phone or step counter device.

At first, don’t change anything, just track doing your day to day routine. Once you know your baseline steps you can build from there.

For example, if your steps are 3,000 steps aim for 5,000 a day the week after, then 6,000 and so on, until it becomes the norm to reach 10,000 steps.

Sneaky ways to get your step count up

  • Park further away
  • Take the stairs
  • Dance around your kitchen. Take a listen to the #EBWellbeingWednesdays Spotify playlist and have a boogie in your kitchen… we hope it puts a smile on your face and gets your heart rate pumping. Click here.
  • Do some gardening
  • Go for a walk – fit a 30 to 60-minute walk in your daily routine
  • Hoover the house
  • Go hands free – take that work call on the go.

Go online

There are many step challenges you can find online, to motivate and give you a goal.

Why not get involved in #Sunrisemind selfie as part of your daily exercise?

Remember: Be safe, be kind and put your best foot forward.