Update on Skills Bouts

August 5, 2021 | by Matt Halfpenny


England Boxing members should take note of the following updated information with regard to Skills Bouts.

In the period that competitive boxing has been restricted by the Coronavirus Pandemic, a change to the Skills Bout rule has been implemented.

The full detail of this rule can be found in Section seven of the 2020-21 rule book and is also included in the same section of the 2021-22 version.

The changes have been made to bring the Skills Bout back to the original intent – to allow new boxers to experience the sport without having to worry about heavy shots or the pressure of having to win.

It enables them to try to practise the skills they have learned in with their clubs in a real boxing environment away from the gym.

It had become apparent that many Skills Bouts were a means of gaining additional bout experience that was not required to be declared as such.

The addition of 0.5 of a bout per Skills Bout will occur as follows:

  • Any Skills Bout undertaken on a registered England Boxing show from 19th July 2021.
  • Any boxer registering with England Boxing who accrues Skills Bout experience from 19th July 2021 away from England Boxing registered shows, e.g. White Collar, Alliance.
  • Any boxer who has accrued Skills Bout experience away from England Boxing Registration at any point must declare this on their return to England Boxing and will be awarded 0.5 per bout.

Please note: boxers who have accrued Skills Bout experience prior to 19th July 2021 may use these bouts as experience for England Boxing National Schools Championship 2021 entry purposes, but boxers are not obliged to declare Skills Bouts from before this date.

This applies for this season only due to the exceptional circumstances caused by the Covid-19 Pandemic which has meant boxers have been unable to add to their boxing experience through no fault of their own.