The England Boxing Apprenticeship Programme is back for a second year

June 21, 2023 | by Chris Boyd


England Boxing is pleased to announce the second year of our England Boxing Apprenticeship Programme in partnership with Coach Core. 

England Boxing is looking to recruit for the following roles:  

2x EB Community Apprentices (Remotely Based – North and South) 

We are seeking to recruit and appoint two Community Apprentices (typically aged between 16-25) who will harness the excitement and interest in the sport generated by the Commonwealth Games. 

Apprentices will deliver community-based engagement events in partnership with England Boxing-affiliated clubs and open pathways for sustained participation in the sport.

You can find further details about the role in the FAQ sheet here.

To view the full role description and details of how to apply please click here.

1x EB Business Administration Apprentice (Based in Sheffield at EB Head Office) 

We are also seeking to recruit and appoint one Business Administration Apprentice (aged between 16-25) who will directly support the inner workings and behind-the-scenes operations of the sport.  

The Business Administration Apprentice will support the administration and delivery of our competitions and events, as well as our membership, workforce and finance services. Opportunities to support the England Performance team and other departments also feature as part of this role.  

Applications are now being sought from young people in and around Sheffield (typically aged 16-25) who would like to work for England Boxing for a 15-month period. 

You can find further details about the role in the FAQ sheet here.

To view the full role description and details of how to apply please click here.

The closing date for applications for both apprenticeships is Midnight on Sunday 30th July.  

England Boxing’s Head of Operations, Avoen Perryman, is looking forward to beginning the search for our second cohort. 

“I am thrilled to announce the launch of our second year delivering the England Boxing Apprenticeship scheme, where three lucky young people can be employed within England Boxing for 15 months and develop skills and experiences that will last a lifetime. 

“Like our existing apprentices, two will be employed to engage disadvantaged communities in the North and South by:

  • Organising community engagement events  
  • Supporting the organisation of coaching & officiating courses for under-represented volunteers  
  • Helping clubs in their area with projects to be more accessible & sustainable  
  • Delivering weekly coaching sessions for people in their communities 
  • Supporting the projects and work of the EB Community Department and Community Support Officers. 

“I am excited to say that we will also be introducing a new role to our apprenticeship programme this year, in the form of the Business Administration Apprentice, who will work at our head office: the English Insitute of Sport in Sheffield. 

“This apprentice will support in most aspects of our organisation, primarily focusing on: 

  • Competition and Events organisation and delivery 
  • Membership Systems and club support 
  • Administration of coaching & officiating courses 
  • Support to the finance and England Performance teams in their projects. 

“The last year has truly been a highlight of my career with England Boxing and that is hugely down to the role that our apprentices have played over the last 10 months.  

“I am very excited to see what the future holds for our young people and the next three apprentices to join our team.”

Paul Thompson, Director of People and Learning at Coach Core was equally as excited.

We are incredibly excited about our partnership with England Boxing entering its second year and the opportunity it brings to make a difference in the lives of young people who have traditionally faced barriers, discrimination, and limited opportunities.

Working with England Boxing has already allowed us to use the power of boxing to break down barriers, challenge stereotypes, and provide greater chances for success.

This collaboration is not just a programme; it’s a chance to create positive change and offer a better future for both the apprentices and the communities they will serve.

We are united in our passion and determination to empower young people and make a lasting impact, ensuring a more inclusive and promising tomorrow for all.