Support the 24-Hour Adaptive Boxothan

June 17, 2022 | by Matt Halfpenny


Luiz Faye and Kronik Warrior’s will take part in a 24-hour adaptive Boxathon on the 16th – 17th July to raise awareness of the benefits of boxing to mental health.

From 12pm on the 16th July to 12pm  on the 17th July, a minimum of four people will do boxing exercises  at any given time for the whole 24-hour period.

Each participate will do a minimum of six hours boxing, hosted at Astley’s ‘VIP’ boxing promotions in Walkden.

Luiz Faye teaches classes via zoom to boxers from abroad and has two online teams which will be participating in the challenge, and doing adaptive boxing classes via video link.

The idea behind this event is to be able to launch ‘Brainbox’, which is a free Boxfit for mental health sessions.

Adaptive boxing coach, Luiz Faye said: “People that partake in adaptive boxing understand the emotional and psychological benefits that boxing brings. ”

She added: “If you look at our testimonials, the life changing things that have happened to people just because they’re boxing”

This event is also being organised in memory of a member’s farther, Andy Parker of whom sadly committed suicide last year.

The idea is to raise money in this particular way came from Andy’s daughter, who ‘wanted to raise money in memory of her farther’, and as a way of ‘helping other people through boxing.’

Luiz actively encourages parents as well as carers to get involved and try an adaptive boxing session with their companion, so they’re able to have that deeper understanding and grow the sport even further.

Brainbox inclusion box fit sessions was an idea presented by members Kronik Warrior’s’ following numerous conversations with Luiz.

“I cannot wait, I have been wanting to a do a challenge with people.”

“Just roll up and show your support, you don’t have to get in the ring, but if you want to pass through and give a little moral support, then please do.”

You can attend the event from 12pm on the 16th July to 12pm on the 17th July at VIP Boxing, Chaddock Lane, Astley, Manchester, m29 7JT.

or you can support the ‘Boxathon’ here.