Results from yesterday’s EUBC Schoolboys and Schoolgirls Competition and today’s bouts

May 24, 2018 | by Gemma Field


All the results from yesterday’s EUBC Schoolboys and Schoolgirls Competition and today’s bouts

All the results from yesterdays EUBC Schoolboys and Schoolgirls Competition. A mixed day, with our team putting in very good performances all round but winning two of the four bouts contested.

Team Manager Cliff Perkins comments on today’s bouts.

41.5kg Oleksandr Kobchenko UKR  V Mark Baker ENG – lost 4:1

First competing on day two for England was Mark Baker who faced a Ukrainian. Mark picked off his opponent with a darting jab throughout the first round, however, when he went back in a straight line he was caught with straight shots from his opponent. Both boxers in southpaw stances tried to control the ring, invariably Mark was countering off of his back foot with his lead hand hook The pace of the contest was dictated by the Ukrainian who pressed forward throughout the bout, throwing straight shots. At times in the last round Mark pressed forward but was met with a stiff response. Although this bout had a few spells of holding and pushing, it was a well-fought contest won on a split decision by the Ukrainian


54kg Amil Musaev GEO  V Matthew Knipe ENG – won 5:0

In a fairly even first round Matthew took the fight to his opponent using his long reach to counter the walk forward style of the Georgian. The Georgian lunged forward enabling Matthew to step outside and fire in a straight backhand. The second round was very much like the first, with the Georgian coming forward, as the round went on the Georgian began to feel the pace. In the third round Matthew put the pressure on as he countered and then pressured the Georgian. At times the bout looked scrappy, but Matthew did enough to secure a unanimous win and now goes on to box the Serbian Rastko Simic on Friday 25th May


43kg Dmitri Protkunas EST  V Shane Patterson ENG – won 5:0

Shane started fast and maintained this throughout the first round. As the Estonian came forward Shane countered with his southpaw backhand. Shane using good footwork managed to get in and out, landing his shots with ease. The Estonian was very gallant coming forward but Shane’s skill left him punching into space. The last round was all Shane as he stalked his opponent around the ring, landing at will with his straight shots to the head. Shane won the bout by a unanimous decision, a good performance by the English boxer. Shane now meets the Irish boxer Jason Nevin on Saturday 26th May


52kg Aurel Palkovics HUN  V John Mitchell ENG – lost 4:1

John came out in an upright boxing stance, boxing at range, his opponent, on the other hand, wanted to hold on and rough John up. In the second round the Hungarian came on strong trying to control the ring.

In the last round John moved around the ring picking off the Hungarian. When the two boxers clashed the Hungarians work rate was intense whilst working inside. In a bout that could have gone either way, the split decision went to the Hungarian.


Up today we have eight in action so a very busy day for all


2pm session (12pm UK time)


• 39kg Acacia Nuttall-Barron ENG  V Dorina Bogdan HUN – Ring B, bout 1


• 48kg Charan Dhesi ENG V Eliska Cihlarova CZE – Ring A, bout 4


• 42kg  Sisi Panayotova BUL  V Ebony Jones ENG – Ring B, bout 5


• 51kg Amalie Garcia ENG V Luiza-Ana-Maria Graur ROU – Ring A, bout 7


• 54kg Sophie Shore ENG V Sofia Tsepotan UKR – Ring A, bout 10


• 60kg Bianca-Madalin Vasilache ROU V Abby Briggs ENG – Ring A, bout 11


5:30pm session (3:30pm UK time)


• 40kg Caleb Price ENG  V Laszio Balogh HUN – Ring B, bout 1


• 38.5kg Anton Avdienko RUS  V Harry Johnson ENG – Ring A, bout 4


Don’t forget to watch the live stream Here