England Team selected for Elite GB Three Nations

May 24, 2018 | by Gemma Field


England Team selected for Elite GB Three Nations

Team England puts a strong team forward for the Elite Three Nations competition on June 2nd and 3rd. The event held at the Magna Centre in Rotherham will showcase the best Great Britan has to offer with boxers from England, Scotland and Wales to face off.

England Coach Amanda Coulson commented on the section saying “Every boxer selected to compete will have been preparing really well towards representing England at this prestigious event.  Each boxer will pick up international experience with an overall goal of being crowned the Elite GB Three Nations champion”

Full team list below.

Miriam Zouhou 48kg

Rebecca Stone 48kg

Stevie Pitt 51kg

Tori Ellis 51kg

Nina Hughes 54kg

Tracey Webster 54kg

Amy Andrews 57kg

Raven Chapman 57kg

Hannah Robinson 60kg

Shanice James 60kg

Claudia Havraneck 64kg

Xian Blackman 64kg

Laura Stevens 69kg

Stephanie Wroe 69kg

Ellena Narozanski 75kg

Kerry Davies 75kg

Benn Norman 49kg

Connor Kelsall 49kg

Hamza Mahmood 52kg

Jake Harrison 52kg

Brad Strand 56kg

Liam Davies 56kg

Callum Thomspon 60kg

Elliot Whale 64Kg

Ryan Hart 64kg

Harris Akbar 69kg

Harvey Lambert 69kg

Ben Fail 75kg

Ramtin Mussah 75kg

Ben Rees 81kg

Patrick Allen-Cripps 81kg

Natty Ngwenga 91kgs

Lewis Williams 91kgs

Courtney Bennett 91kg+

Steven Robinson 91kg+