Reminder on vests rule change ahead of Youth Championships 2023

February 1, 2023 | by Matt Halfpenny


Clubs and boxers are reminded ahead of next week’s England Boxing National Youth Championships 2023 quarter-finals semi-finals and finals weekend of the rule change below (highlighted in red).

  1. Equipment – Red or partially red gumshields are not permitted. It is permissible for personal headguards to be used in the regional rounds of competition if they are an approved IBA Licensee; England Boxing will provide STING headguards if any boxer does not have one available at the later stages of the tournament. When gloves are provided by England Boxing at later stages of tournaments their use is mandatory. Boxers are reminded that they are representing their clubs/regions, therefore national representative vests should not be worn.

“Following consultation with the England Boxing Membership, including at club and regional level, England Boxing have updated the entry criteria for Championships regarding the wearing of National representative vests,” said Ian Ireland, chair of the Championships sub-committee.

“All Boxers are reminded that they are representing their club and region. National representative vests should not be worn during the Championships.”

Please note that this rule applies to all National Championships at all age groups moving forward.