International Olympic Committee withdraws recognition of IBA

June 22, 2023 | by Chris Boyd


Following the International Olympic Committee meeting today (Thursday 22nd June), the IOC has decided to withdraw the recognition of International Boxing Association (IBA), upon the recommendation of the IOC Executive Board (EB).

The decision is based on the IOC Comprehensive Report on the Situation of the IBA, discussed by the IOC EB on 7th June.

England Boxing’s Chair, Richard Brooke said immediately after the decision: “As expected, the IOC today voted to expel the IBA from the Olympic movement.

“During the session, the IOC made clear that they have no issue with boxing or the athletes who take part in the sport, rather this was a result of many years of the IBA’s poor governance, lack of integrity and unsustainable financing.

“The decision of the IOC provides clarity for the sport. With the IBA out of the picture, a new international federation is required to represent the sport in the Olympic Games and England Boxing fully supports the activities of World Boxing to become that body.”

In addition to the news, IOC Director General, Christophe De Kepper made a very welcoming statement as he ‘guaranteed’ boxing will be on the LA 2028 programme.

Earlier in his report to the IOC session, he went through the key points of the problems with the IBA saying they have not addressed the three key areas of corruption, finances and refereeing and judging.

“The IOC has constantly and patiently tried to help in the three areas of concern,”  De Kepper said.

“There has been a constant lack of drastic revolution throughout the many years and it is a situation of no return.

“The IBA was unable to provide the elements to allow the lifting of its suspension.

“It is not possible to reach any other conclusion than agree with the IOC’s analysis.

“The only conclusion is to withdraw recognition.”