International Men’s Health Week 2023: Support for coaches

June 15, 2023 | by Chris Boyd


As part of International Men’s Health Week 2023, England Boxing will be providing information on how to benefit your health and live a healthier life.

England Boxing has over 5,000 affiliated coaches, up and down the country, many of whom spend seven days a week developing the next generation of amateur boxers.

Coaches, instructors and physical activity providers play a pivotal role in encouraging participants with mental health problems to become active.

However, supporting others can have a detrimental effect on your own mental health and well-being.

Staying happy and healthy is vital and ensures you are able to support the boxers and members within your club.

UK charity Mind provides self-care suggestions and tips on improving and maintaining your mental well-being.

These self-care tips will give you ideas on how you can support yourself – and others.

Suggestions include:

  • Staying aware of your mental health
  • Nourishing your social life
  • Trying peer support
  • Making time for therapeutic activities
  • Looking after your physical health
  • Trying a specialist activity

Visit Mind’s mental well-being page by clicking here.