GB Elite Three Nations – Finals results

May 26, 2019 | by Matt Halfpenny


A hugely successful GB Senior Three Nations event for England’s boxers in Scotland saw 14 boxers coming back with 11 golds and three silver medals.

Kirsty Hill’s opponent withdrew yesterday leaving her with an exhibition bout, which she won.

A highlight today was Harvey Lambert who reached his 100th bout in style with arguably the best performance of the finals.


  • 51kg Tori-Ellis Willets (ENG) v Helen Jones (WAL) Lost 1:4
  • 52Kg Hamza Mahmood (ENG) v Jake Dodd (WAL) Lost 2:3
  • 56Kg Ibrahim Nadim (ENG) v Stephen Donald (SCO) Won 5:0
  • 57Kg Raven Champman (ENG) v Vicky Glover (SCO) Lost1:4
  • 60Kg Masood Abdullah (ENG) v John Casey (SCO) Won 4:1
  • 64Kg Hannah Shield (ENG) v Megan Reid (SCO) Won 4:1
  • 64Kg Sam Noakes (ENG) v Robbie McKechnie (SCO) Won 5:0
  • 69Kg Jem Campbell (ENG) v Lynn Calder (SCO) won 5:0
  • 69Kg Harvey Lambert (ENG) v Stephen Newns (SCO)  Won 5:0
  • 75Kg Jodie Wilkinson (ENG) v Hannah Bell (SCO) Won 5:0
  • 75Kg Ramtin Musah (ENG) v Darren Johnstone (SCO) Won 3:2
  • 81Kg Aaron Bowen (ENG) v Harris Khan (WAL)  Won 3:2
  • 91Kg Natty Ngwenga (ENG) v Sam Leyson (WAL) Won 3:0
  • 91+Kg Delicious Orie (ENG) v Guilio Galliana (WAL) Won 5:0