Fleetwood ABC has been reaching out to its community for well over a century

April 6, 2023 | by Matt Halfpenny


Dating back as far as 1894, the Fleetwood boxing gym has been a cornerstone of its community for well over a century.

Although a lot has changed in that time, their overall mission has not: to work wonders in the community and help the youth.

Head coach

joined the gym in 2004, which was partnered with the YMCA up until late last year.

Since then, it has become an independent gym and a hub for the young people in Fleetwood.

In the ring, the club recently celebrated a North West regional title success thanks to Oliver Grimshaw, while another former regional champion, Dan Gatlin, is now a professional boxer (9-1).

Fleetwood’s mission has been to make it as accessible to their community as possible, and they have done this by introducing a variety of extra classes into their gym, such as a ‘Tiny Tysons class’ (for five to nine-year-olds year olds), women and girls classes and beginners classes, in addition to their regular classes.

They have always done, and still do to this day, plenty of outreach community work, going into local schools, colleges and other organisations including the local council, all to try and put more youth into something positive.

When asked about what his upcoming plans were, Sean said: “We are aiming to move to a local iconic building in Fleetwood later in the year and to make that into a full time pro/am gym.

“Personally, I will be looking to complete my Level 3 coaching qualification, which starts this month, and continue to develop my team of coaches and boxers in order to help the community, as far as we can, reach its full potential.”