Title Belts

England Boxing launches new Title Belts competition

February 25, 2019 | by Matt Halfpenny


England Boxing is excited to launch the new England Boxing Title Belts competition – and can confirm the first set of bouts to get things started.

The new structure and processes put in place have been designed to make it easy for boxers and clubs to understand how they can compete for a Regional, Area or National Belt.

The three levels of belts are now all aligned, ensuring every boxer has a chance to compete at their appropriate level.

England Boxing will manage the National and Area Belts, with each Region managing its own Regional Belt system.

The rules and regulations, including details on the full structure and processes, can be found here.

“The launch of the new England Boxing Title Belts directly addresses one of the objectives from our strategy around providing more competitive opportunities for boxers across different levels,” said David Thorley, Head of Talent and Competitions at England Boxing.

“The National, Area and Regional Title Belts allow boxers more chances to develop and succeed outside of the championship calendar and should ensure that more boxing is taking place with titles on the line.

“The new structure in place is more transparent and more accessible to all clubs, giving boxers an exciting journey, as they could work their way up the structure all the way to National Title Belt level.”

The National and Area Belts all start as vacant, so it first had to be decided who would box off for the National Belts, to get the first belt holders in place.

The Title Belts Panel looked at all available and registered boxers and considered a boxer’s placing in National Championships as a primary issue.

Bouts are listed below, but note that boxers on any GB Boxing programme, or who are the current national champion in that weight category, are not eligible to compete for the Title Belts at any level.

The Area Belt box-offs will be announced shortly, and the Youth National Title Belt box-offs will be announced following the England Boxing Youth National Championships, which take place from 15th to 17th February.

Female England Boxing National Title Belt box-offs

  • 48kg Miriam Zouhou (Stratford, pictured above, right) v Marie Connon (Left Hook)
  • 51kg Stevie Pitts (Wayne Elcocks) v Jade Ashmore (Bradford College)
  • 54kg Jay Dujon (Repton) v no opponent – nominations welcomed
  • 57kg Crystal Barker (Hook and Jab) v Raven Chapman (Arena)
  • 60kg Shanice James (UKAF) v no opponent – nominations welcomed
  • 64kg Megan Reid (UKAF) v Xian Blackman (HOP)
  • 69kg Deayndra Allen (Haringey)  v no opponent – nominations welcomed
  • 75kg Eleana Narozanski (Churchills) v Laura Stevens (Far Cotton).


Male England Boxing National Title Belt box-offs

  • 49kg Ben Norman (Norman Warriors) v Kyle Mason (King’s Heath)
  • 52kg Muzzi Fuyana (Middleborough) v Imad Nasseb (Phoenix Fire)
  • 56kg Lewis Southgate (St.Mary’s) v Connor Burton (Middleton Select)
  • 60kg Jordan Flynn (Hoddesdon) v Dillon Clark (Plains Farm)
  • 64kg Tom Collins (Hall Green) v Elliot Whale (Nemesis)
  • 69kg Harvey Lambert (St. Paul’s) v Brad Ingram (Gloucester)
  • 75kg Ben Fail (Far Cotton) v Ramtin Mussah (Beartown)
  • 81kg John Marvin (UKAF) v Omar Augustine (Earlsfield)
  • 86kg Corey Clarke (Priory Park) v Pat Allen Crisps (Harwich)
  • 91kg Natty Ngwenya (UKAF) v Rob Squires (Barum)
  • 91kg+ Delicious Orie (Jewellry Quarter) v Mehran Khan (Repton).


Where weight categories are not mentioned above, there are no eligible boxers still active, so boxers will have to work their way up the Title Belt system, as highlighted in the rules and regulations.

Clubs and boxers may begin to arrange the bouts above, but all details must be sent onto titlebelts@www.englandboxing.orgfor sanctioning.

Please note that the sanctioning fee will not be in place during 2019 to encourage more bouts.

The rules and regulations behind the England Boxing National Title Belts can be found here, where a full explanation of the structure and processes are outlined.

Further information around the structure and Area Title Belts will be released next week. Any questions in the meantime should be directed to the Title Belts email above.