Coach Development Day

September 6, 2018 | by Matt Halfpenny


England Boxing club Bodmin Boxing club have held a Coach Development Day in Western Counties.

The event held on Sunday 2nd September was hosted by Cornwall Boxing Association and was led by England Boxing Coach Educator Ian J. Tennant.

A variety of subjects including different coaching and learning types, VAK assessments, variations in leadership styles, group coaching and basic programme planning were covered and refreshed. A total of 19 Coaches from Cornwall, Devon and the Royal Navy were in attendance.

Lead Coach Ian said:

“There was a very good turnout of qualified and experienced coaches in attendance, engaging with an open mind and a willingness to promote their continuous personal development. This will enhance and refresh their existing coaching skill set and can only serve to have a positive effect upon their boxers”.

“In true Cornish style lunch consisted of a pasty!……So a good day was had by all!”