2024 GB Three Nations Draws to a Close in Scotland

June 24, 2024 | by Nabillah Akhtar


The last leg of the GB Three Nations came to an end this weekend (22-23 June) in Livingston, Scotland. The exciting event saw top-tier senior boxers from England, Scotland and Wales go head-to-head to secure the coveted title.

Team England’s line-up consisted of 17 athletes who delivered an outstanding performance and came first in the league table with an impressive tally of seven gold medals, nine silver medals and a bronze medal.

Newcomer, Rio Gordon was pleased to make his mark on his first outing: “ Great to have my England debut, get the two wins along with the gold medal. Progression is key and now I’m aiming for a place on the England Elite Performance Team.”

The under 71kg boxer fought a durable Welsh competitor but managed to land cleaner shots throughout the bout. His determination and fitness got him to the finish line resulting in a 4-1 split decision in his favour.

Elsewhere, lessons were learnt for Sheffield’s Teagn Stott who recently progressed from England Boxing’s inaugural senior programme to GB Boxing, “It’s been a great weekend filled with many highs and lows but ultimately everyone who either won or lost has gained valuable experience.” 

It was a silver finish for the heavyweight boxer who found himself in a tough final against Robert McNaulty, eventually ending the bout with a 4-1 split decision to the Scot.

There was further victory for England, in the form of Hamilton Joyce’s win. He reflected on his achievement and talked tactics: “I’ve got good experience through being with the team. My final was a good fight, I relied on my back hand to get me the gold medal in the end.”

Recent National Amateur Champion, Derrick Osadolor (Heart of Portsmouth Boxing Academy) also secured a silver medal, stating, “The best boxers have always learned from their losses.

I’m annoyed because I know I’m at that level and beyond, and I know from this experience, I will come back stronger.” Osadolor is someone who successfully balances his education alongside his boxing career and aims to settle the score after his 3-2 split loss in the over 92kg final against Scottish Champion, Mitchell Barton.

Full results:

Female Under 48kg: Rhea Kanu – Gold

Male Under 48kg: Bilal Siddique – Silver

Male Under 51kg: Lucas Dube – Silver

Female Under 52kg: Dionne Mannion – Silver

Female Under 54kg: Lauren Mackie – Gold

Male Under 54kg: Kai Birch – Gold

Female Under 57kg: Vivien Parsons – Silver

Male Under 57kg: Leo Wood – Gold

Male Under 60kg: Patrick Joyce-Hamilton – Gold

Male Under 63.5kg: Harvey Orriss – Silver

Male Under 71kg: Rio Gordon – Gold

Male Under 75kg: Marc Haugan – Silver

Male Under 80kg: Kyle Shawn-Tillin Gold

Male Under 86kg: Teagn Stott – Silver

Male Under 92kg: Chidi Amanwa – Silver

Male Over 92kg: Derrick Osadolor – Silver

Male Under 67kg: Jack Ross – Bronze