England Boxing National Youth Championships 2021

Venue: Spiceball Leisure Centre, Cherwell Drive, Banbury, OX16 2BW.

Dates: 26th, 27th, 28th November (quarter-finals, semi-finals and finals).

Entry forms: Youths, click here. Youth Developments, click here.

Matrices: Click here to view Female Youth Development boxers. Click here to view Female Youth Cadet boxers. Click here to view Female Youth boxers. Click here to view Male Youth Development boxers. Click here to view Male Youth Cadet boxers. Click here to view Male Youth boxers.

Weigh-in: 10am to 12noon (Friday and Saturday); 9am to 11am (Sunday).

Start times: 1pm (Friday and Saturday); 12noon (Sunday).

Key information circular: Click here.

Draws: Click here for Youth Developments. Click here for Female Youth Cadets. Click here for Female Youth. Click here for Male Youth Cadets. Click here for Male Youth.

Bout lists: Click here for Cadet and Youth quarter-finals (Friday). Click here for semi-finals Ring A (Saturday). Click here for semi-finals Ring B (Saturday). Click here for semi-finals Ring C (Saturday). Click here for finals Ring A (Sunday). Click here for finals Ring B (Sunday). Click here for finals Ring C (Sunday).

Live streaming: Click here for Friday, Ring A. Click here for Friday, Ring C. Click here for Saturday, Ring A. Click here for Saturday, Ring B. Click here for Saturday, Ring C. Click here for Sunday, Ring A. Click here for Sunday, Ring B. Click here for Sunday, Ring C.

Previews: Click here for Male Under 56kg preview.

Results: Click here for quarter-finals. Click here for semi-finals. Click here for finals.

Round-up: Click here for Finals Day report.

Video highlights: Click here for quarter-finals. Click here for semi-finals. Click here for finals.

Photos: Click here for details of how to access quarter-final images.