Youth Championships 2023: boxers and bouts of the tournament

February 13, 2023 | by Matt Halfpenny


The boxers and bouts of the tournament from the England Boxing National Youth Championships 2023 can now be announced.

They have been chosen by the England Talent team of coaches who attended the event over the weekend at the North Solihull Sports Centre.

Boxers of the tournament – Female

Cadet – Keira Bowden (Redcar), Under 52kg.

Open – Lauren Mackie (Burton Park), Under 52kg.

Boxers of the tournament – Male

Cadet – Musa Sheikh (Dagenham), Under 54kg.

Open – Leighton Birchall (Leighton Birchall), Under 54kg.

Bouts of the tournament – Female

Female Cadet – Ruth Huntley (West Ham) v Keira Bowden (Redcar), Under 52kg.

Female Open – Alice Pumphrey (The Purge) v Ebony Jones (Scunthorpe), Under 50kg.

Male Cadet – Charlie Brown (Repton) v Callum Kilmore-Walsh (High Wycombe), Under 67kg.

Male Open – Joe Turner (Jennings Gym) v Zayn Ahmed (Pinewood), Under 51kg.

Many congratulations to all those selected!

Pics by Andy Chubb and Clive Wood.