The Locker: Test Show at Acocks Green Gym

July 5, 2024 | by Nabillah Akhtar


England Boxing is offering clubs and officials a chance to observe the operation of a show on Saturday, 6th July at Acocks Green Gym in Birmingham.

This test event will showcase the usage of the Locker from the perspectives of Boxers, Coaches, and Officials, providing valuable insights into the new system. Following the event, a Locker Support Session will be held to offer additional guidance to the community.

The session will be led by England Boxing’s Club & Community Manager (North), Louise Vidor, who will be available to answer any questions afterwards.

Schedule for the Day:

  • Weigh-In: 10am – 12pm
  • Boxing Starts: 1pm
  • Break: Includes a Q&A and feedback session for clubs and officials
  • Locker Support Surgery (running alongside test event): 10am-3.30pm

For any further enquiries, please contact

A series of video tutorials have also been created to provide guidance for boxers, coaches, officials, and doctors participating in or working at events. Watch them below:

Competing at a show with internet access:


Competing at a show without internet access: