Take your training online during lockdown 2.0

November 9, 2020 | by Matt Halfpenny


If you’re looking for online sessions to join while the second National Coronavirus lockdown is on, then look no further.

We have gathered together some of the sessions that are going on in England Boxing-affiliated clubs while gyms have been closed following instructions from the government.

This is just a selection of clubs who are offering online sessions. Please contact your local club to find out what they may be offering during lockdown.

You can also find a library of resources, many from the first national lockdown to help keep you motivated and in shape at our   page, which also feature the sessions above.

If you need to access any mental health guidance, either if you are personally affected or want to help other go to our Mental Health page.

To feature on our Stay Active page, simply send the link to your sessions along with your club name and brief details to matt.halfpenny@englandboxing.org

Lockdown 2.0 online sessions


Adults and junior online sessions, click here.

All Stars

You can join online sessions by going to www.allstars-gym.co.uk


Drills (pictured above) posted by coach Liam Alloway. Click here.


Free sessions on Mondays and Fridays. See details by clicking here.

Hockwell Ring

For online exercises (pictured right) to follow, click here.


Regular online sessions via Zoom. Click here.


Register for online sessions by clicking here.


A host of resources and classes can be accessed by clicking here.


Coach Rachel Bower regularly posts drills to practice. Click here.