Shay’s marathon effort for Venture

March 15, 2021 | by Matt Halfpenny


Birkenhead Venture’s Shay Pinnington has gone to great lengths to support his club during the lockdown – the whole marathon distance, in fact.

The 12-year-old Merseyside and Cheshire boxer – who was due to have his first Schools bout after completing eight skills bout when the Covid Pandemic hit – was keen to raise money to help support his gym through Covid-19 closures.

That’s when he struck upon the idea of doing the full 26.2 miles, which he planned to run along the Wirral coast, from Seacombe to West Kirby and back.

In taking on the challenge, he was accompanied on the route by dad, Craig, who rode alongside on a bike.

And, despite never having run more than six miles in one go in training, the youngster was able to complete his challenge in just over five hours.

“When Shay first came to me with the idea, I thought he might mean a half marathon, but, no, he meant the full one and, in the end, he smashed it,” said Craig. “I didn’t realise just how fit he was!

“We tried to pick a flat route where he wouldn’t have to cross roads, so the coastal route seemed the perfect answer. The weather was also kind.

“He trained every day in the lead up to it, albeit not over the distance he had to cover on the day, but he made up for that with plenty of willpower and determination.

“I think it’s quite an achievement for a 12-year-old and we’re very proud.”

So far, Shay has collected more than £600 in online and offline donations, having initially set himself a £500 target.

He’s now also got his eye on another extreme challenge in the future – although a return to boxing is what he’s really waiting for.

Craig added: “Shay plays football as well and he also wants to do an Ironman event with the swimming and cycling after getting a bit of a thirst for it with the marathon.

“But it is boxing that is his number one sport and the determination he’s shown to do this – people said he wouldn’t be able to do it, but he did – will stand in him good stead when he steps into the ring.”

You can pledge support to Shay’s fundraising efforts by clicking here.