MossSide First Station Boxing Club looks back on success of Box On project

February 26, 2018 | by Gemma Field


Moss Side Fire Station Boxing Club has worked closely with Club Support Officer Damian Ridpath to progress with the Sported and England Boxing’s Box On project.

Sported and England Boxing’s Box On is a project that was set up to aid securing financial future of boxing clubs in some of England’s most economically deprived areas.

Since being invited to become part of the project the sport has formed a committee, maintain compliance of governance and assist is in the process of transitioning into a Charitable Incorporated Organisation.

Head Coach of the Club Nigel Travis said: “Our Gym is, in my opinion, one of the leading amateur boxing clubs in the country, but one of our greatest successes has also been one of our greatest failings. Because of our success, I am totally focused on the delivery of the sport but my biggest criticism was our support network surrounding us. As I deliver so much, I had let the policy, procedure and auditing element of the gym lapse.

“Since I was invited onto the Box On project, it has enabled us to form a committee, maintain compliance of governance and assist is in the process of transitioning into a CIO which we are currently in the process of becoming. One of the best things to come out of the project was the meeting of Derek May who has orchestrated a lot of change within our organisation.”

Ridpath said: “Moss Side Fire Station Boxing Club is an excellent club. Nigel and his staff work really hard to promote boxing in their local community and they offer a range of services which enables lots of different people from a large range of backgrounds get the opportunity to participate in boxing activity.

“Furthermore, the club’s boxing team are constantly supporting other clubs with their boxers attending events. The shows that the club promote themselves at the Fire Station and Lancashire Cricket ground are a pleasure to attend and are always organised and everyone is made welcome The club are a pleasure to work and are an example of best practice policies throughout their operations.”