Kenton ABC volunteer to donate defibrillators to every boxing club in Newcastle

March 5, 2023 | by Chris Boyd


Kenton ABC volunteer Kath Hindmarsh, and her partner Carl Bell, have announced their intention to donate a defibrillator to every local boxing club in the Newcastle area, following the installation of a life-saving machine at their own club.

The defibrillator at Kenton was the ninth to be installed in the local area, something made possible by Kath’s tireless fundraising, which she has been doing while she also helps during home shows.

Her passion to make a difference was given a new focus following the death of her husband, John Hindmarsh, who died of a cardiac arrest aged 52.

She has been hugely successful, helping the leisure centre, a local pub, the local doctors and numerous businesses receive a defibrillator.

Kath has the full backing of the local community and even received a Pride of Britain Fundraiser of the Year nomination in 2022.

Partner Carl has also been instrumental in the success.

A local fireman, he helps maintain the defibrillators and provides training on how to use them – with the local machines being accessed more than 30 times so far.

After seeing what Kenton helps provide to the community, Kath’s new long-term goal is to provide every boxing club in the North East a defibrillator, starting with the Newcastle area.