GB Schools Three Nations 2018 results

July 30, 2018 | by Matt Halfpenny


Team Manager Tyrone Harold runs through the successful weekend.


Friday 27th July 2018


English boxers first, winners in bold:


Bout 1: 37kg Schoolboy – Dylan Murphy (ENG) defeats Harrison Day (WAL) 5-0

The English boxer took control from the first bell, used 2 and 3 punch orthodox combinations throughout the three rounds to take a unanimous victory. Dylan’s best tool was his jab and he will now face the Scotchman in the final.


Bout 3: 38.5kg Schoolboy – Nelson Birchall (ENG) defeats Harvey Williams (WAL) 4-1

These two Southpaws struggled with their range to start with but by the second, it was the English Champion who started pulling away. Nelson rolled under the jab of the Welsh boxer and countered well to take the spoils by a split decision.


Bout 5: 41.5kg Schoolboy – Frank Varey (ENG) defeats John Murphy (WAL) 5-0

Frank boxed well on his England debut at an International Championship using good footwork and strong backhands to take the spoils. His opponent was game and pushed Frank to the bell but it was to be another final for this exciting young team.


Bout 7: 43kg Schoolboy – Levi Butcher (ENG) defeats Harrison Baxter (SCO) 5-0

Levi kept the team on a roll with a composed performance through three tidy rounds to take his place in the final. He adopts a low lead hand style but is quick enough to pull out the combinations which caused his Scottish opponent problems. He will now face the Welsh Representative in the final.


Bout 8: 44.5kg Schoolboy – Levi Barnes (ENG) defeats Rio Waters (WAL) 5-0

This exciting young English boxer from the North West used an array of skills to take his place in the final. His switch of attack from head to body was a joy to watch whilst his two phase attacks scored well for him. One to watch for the future.


Bouts 10: 46kg Schoolboy – Muhammad Ali (ENG) defeats Alan Perrie (SCO) 5-0

Muhammad had waited patiently to make his England debut and when given the centre stage, didn’t let himself or his Country down. Using great footwork and clever Southpaw combinations, he moved his opponent around the ring, catching the Judges eye and taking a unanimous decision.


Bout 11: 48kg Schoolboy – John Dugdale (END) lost to Isa Akraam (SCO) 4-1

John was drawn to face a tough prospect in the tall rangy Scottish Champion, Akraam. What followed from the first bell was a close bout between two very good young boxers. It wasn’t to be John’s day as the Scotchman finished the stronger to take the split decision.


Bout 12: 50kg Schoolboy – Tommy Cole (ENG) defeats Curtis Britto (WAL) 5-0

Tommy Cole entered the ring as the European Champion and boxed well from the off. In the first, he caught his opponent with straight back hands as he came in and progressed into the second round linking up his shots into powerful combinations. The Southpaw English boxer gave his game Welsh opponent a count in the third as his superiority started to tell. A good victory for a good young English boxer.


Bout 14: 54kg Schoolboy – Owen Sherred (ENG) defeats John Probert ( WAL) 4-1

This was a good contest between two closely matched Southpaw boxers. Owen used his lead hand right jab to good effect and worked his way through the three rounds using good combination punching. His stand out combination was a lead hand right hook followed up by a powerful backhand left to his opponents head to finish the bout off and claim the victory by a split decision.


Bout 17: 59kg Schoolboy – Ronnie Nikolos (ENG) lost to Tom Price (WAL) 3-2

Ronnie was drawn to face the Welsh crowd favourite, Tom Price in a bout that did not disappoint.

From the first bell, these two boxers went at each other in an attempt to hold the centre of the ring. Ronnie took a little time to work out his Southpaw opponent but once he got his feet placement right, he started to dominate. The final round appeared to hold the key to this one and both boxers really went for it. A hushed crowd waited for the judges result but sadly for Ronnie and the England team, this time it went the Welshman’s way. Ronnie should be very proud of his England debut.


Saturday 28th July 2018


England’s Bout List: Winners in bold


Bout 2 : 37kg Schoolboy – Dylan Murphy (ENG) v Jason Duffy (SCO)

Dylan controlled this final from the first bell, lightning lead hand jabs and powerful back hands worked throughout. He saw the final round out using lead hand left hooks to keep his opponent out of the bout. 5-0 unanimous decision.


Bout 3: 38.5kg Schoolboy – Patrick Paton (SCO) v Nelson Birchall (ENG) 

This all action affair ended Nelson’s way by a 5-0 score line following three rounds of powerful combinations which culminated with a count for his game Scottish opponent in the second.


Bout 4: 40kg Schoolboy – Harvey Strand (ENG) v Kieron James ( WAL)

The taller English Champion, having his first bout in these championships , boxed well with straight two and three punch combinations proving the key. The judges returned a split, 3-2 result the Englishman’s way. For the teams 3rd Gold of the Championships.


Bout 5: 41.5kg Schoolboy – Frank Varey (ENG) v William Williamson (SCO)

The Scot never really came to terms with Frank’s awkward style which resulted in a comfortable three rounds for the young Englishman. Gold for Frank Varey by a unanimous 5-0 score


Bout 7: 43kg Schoolboy – Harry Williams (WAL) v Levi Butcher (ENG)

Following a slow start in the first, Levi picked it up in the next two rounds to take a deserved 4-1 split decision on the judges cards with his straight left, right, left hook being the stand out combination for him.


Bout 8: 44.5kg Schoolboy – Levi Barnes (ENG) v William Bennet (WAL)

A tight affair went the English boxers way by a 3-2 split decision. Levi adopted a counter boxing style to catch the judges eye and belied his age with a mature performance to take a deserved Gold Medal.


Bout 9: 46kg Schoolboy – Sam Morris (WAL) v Muhammad Ali (ENG)

A classy performance from a very good English boxer returned the teams 7th consecutive Gold medal of these Championships. Ali’s footwork and lightning combinations were a joy to watch as a 5-0 unanimous decision was returned by the judges.


Bout 10: 48kg Schoolgirl – Brooke Neeley (SCO) v Maddey Gittins (ENG)

This young English boxer faced a  strong Scottish opponent in het first International bout. Maddey boxed well for three rounds but ultimately lost by a 5-0 scoreline, she will improve from her experience.


Bout 13: 50kg Schoolboy – Zeb Yewlett (WAL) v Tommy Cole (ENG)

A determined Tommy Cole showed his powerful skills from the first bell, giving the Welsh boxer one count in the first and two in the second round. He controlled the bout until the referee stopped the bout following the third count midway through the second round.


Bout 14: 54kg Schoolboy – Kian Govan (SCO) v Owen Sherred (ENG)

Owen kept the gold rush going for the team with an assured performance to take a unanimous 5-0 decision. His Southpaw lead hand right hook followed by a powerful left backhand kept the game Scothman at bay throughout.


Bout 16: 59kg Schoolgirl – Anastacia Butler (ENG) v Andeline Taylor (WAL)

A powerful, determined start by the English boxer stunned her Welsh opponent and it quickly became evident that Anastacia was too strong for her. The referee rightly stopped the bout in the first round and a jubilant Anastacia brought home the 10th Gold of the day for the team.


Bout 18: 62kg Schoolboy – Pep Lyons (ENG) v Marcus Brogan (SCO)

The last bout of the Championships brought together two good boxers who gave it their all for the full three rounds. Pep has a good upright style and used three punch combinations to push the Scotchman back. The Scots responded and it went to the wire but the judges saw the bout against Pep by a split 3-2 decision.


England finished top of the medal table with 10 Golds, 2 Silvers and 2 bronzes. This represents an excellent tournament for the young English Schools Champions.


Medal table                  GOLD             SILVER          BRONZE



ENGLAND                       10                     2                    2

SCOTLAND                      6                     6                    4

WALES                             2                     10                   11


Coaches and officials

The coaching team were excellent and a perfect blend for these fledgling International boxers to gain valuable experience. Our Officials were very professional and I can say that all of the results throughout the tournament were spot on.