Exploring the experiences and opportunities for teenage girls in boxing

May 23, 2023 | by Matt Halfpenny


England Boxing has teamed up with Women in Sport to collaborate on some important research that will gain insight on how sport can be made more inclusive for women and girls.

The national governing body is committed to increasing the participation of women and girls in boxing, and to create positive experiences for its participants and workforce, as illustrated by projects such as Women’s Aspire, the Women’s Coach Development Programme and Women’s Official Development Programme.

For the last two years, England Boxing had also hosted a Women in Boxing Conference.

Nevertheless, there is an acknowledgement that the current membership is largely dominated by men and boys, meaning understanding the culture this creates and its impact on women and girls is key to driving change.

Specifically, England Boxing is seeking to understand the experiences of its current teenage girl members and uncover opportunities to attract new audiences of girls into our sport.

Project aims

  1. To understand
  • The experiences and needs of current teenage participants, including the potential barriers that impact enjoyment and continued participation, and the role boxing culture plays in this.
  • The perceptions that non-participant teenage girls have of boxing.
  1. Awareness and Education
  • Reframe current perceptions of boxing (within and outside of the sport) and communicate the benefits in a meaningful way to attract new audiences of teenage girls into the sport.
  • Educate and support the workforce to better understand and meet girls’ needs, and create positive experiences for all teenage girls.
  1. Driving Action
  • Use insight to inform meaningful programme development and opportunities for teenage girls.

To do this, England boxing requires help from its members, both male and female.

If you would be interested in taking part in the research and focus groups, please fill out the short expression of interest form by clicking here.